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Study Abroad

From Konstanz to the world! Exchange Semester, Internship, Summer School...

The University of Konstanz encourages all students to gain international experience during their studies, whether through a traditional exchange semester/year, internships abroad or short-term mobilities (such as summer schools). Regardless of the format, the benefits are undeniable from gaining new perspectives, getting to know a different (academic) culture to widening your personal as well as professional network. 

This website will summarize some of the options. If an entire semester abroad does not fit in your plans and you have anything else in mind (Short-term mobility, Summer School, etc.), feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise you personally.

Exchange Semester/Year with Erasmus+

There are three new Erasmus+ agreements specifically for SEDS students:

University of Essex: MSc Social Data Science

University of Ljubljana: Master of Social Informatics

University of Florence: Master's in Statistics and Data Science

You can apply to those via the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

Additionally, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the SEDS program, you can choose to study at a partner institution of the

Department of Politics and Public Administration

Department of Economics

Department of Computer Science

Complete list of Erasmus+ Exchange Agreements

At the host university, you will then be enrolled at the respective department, as Erasmus+ Exchange agreements are usually signed between departments/faculties, rather than universities as a whole. Most universities, however, allow exchange students to take some courses from other departments as well. We recommend clarifying this directly with the university before applying and can help you with that.

The application deadline for exchanges in the following academic year is always February 1st and the process takes place at each department separately. You are also allowed to hand in parallel applications at multiple departments, but should only accept one and turn down the others as soon as possible in order to not block spots from other students.

It’s also worth taking a look at reports written by SEDS students about their Erasmus+ experience (in German):
- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (via Politics and Public Administration, Winter Semester 2018/19)
- Vienna University of Technology (via Computer Science, Summer Semester 2020)
- University of Oslo (via Politics and Public Administration, Summer Semester 2022)

All experience reports:

Overseas Exchange

Unlike Erasmus+, which is coordinated by the individual departments, exchange opportunities at non-European universities are managed by the university’s International Office centrally. The applcaiton deadlines differ by region.

Existing partnerships cover most of the world: North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The application deadlines vary and you should plan more time for the process, as more documents are needed.

Please find more information on the website of the International Office:

If you decide to apply for an overseas exchange, please inform the department as well. We will continue to be your contact for academic questions.

Internships Abroad

If, instead of studying, you would like to gain practical experience abroad, you can use Erasmus+ or other scholarships to fund it (also if your internship is already paid). Even though Erasmus+ is a funding line of the European Commssion, internships can now be completed worldwide!

You can find further information here:

Take a look at the website of KOOR - Erasmus Services BW to read experience reports from other students about their internships abroad and find current offers here:

Regional Mobility at the University of Zurich

The Department of Politics and Public Administration has an agreement with the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich, through which students can take courses at both departments. Application/enrollment takes place twice a year (in April for the Fall Semester in Zurich and in October for the Spring Semester in Zurich) on the following website:

Particularly interesting for SEDS students are the courses offered in the modules "Advanced Methods" and "Political Data Journalism". Feel free to reach out if you need assistance finding suitable courses.

Students from the University of Zurich wishing to take courses in Konstanz are welcome to get in touch by E-Mail with the Departmental Exchange Coordinator (

SEDS Study Abroad Testimonials

female SEDS student

My semester abroad in Oslo was an amazing and unique experience.

The University of Oslo also offers a master's program in data science, which offers a diverse selection of courses. In addition, other departments also offer practical courses, including LegalTech, a subject I had not encountered during my time in Konstanz.

I had the opportunity to meet fascinating people and friends, immerse myself in Norway's stunning nature, and experience student life in a different environment. I wholeheartedly recommend spending some time abroad, as it will boost your confidence and you can learn so much about other countries and cultures outside of university stuff.

Application Deadlines

Exchange Semester / Year with Erasmus+:
February 1st 2023 for the Academic Year 2023/24

Overseas Exchange:
Differ by region, starting November 2nd 2022 (US & Canada) for the Academic Year 2023/24

Erasmus+ Internship:
One Month before Starting Date

Regional Mobility at the University of Zurich:
Beginning of March for the Fall Semester / Beginning of September for the Spring Semester