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MSc Social and Economic Data Science (SEDS)

For me, Data Science is exploring interesting patterns in data that are not visible at first sight, making these patterns visible and understandable, so that others can benefit from my insights, too.
SEDS student, internal suvery (August 2023)
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Why study Social and Economic Data Science in Konstanz?

The digitalization of various domains of society has produced an abundance of data about human behaviour and social interactions. Inside and outside academia, specialists with a solid background in computer science and statistics, as well as social science methods are needed to extract value from these data to inform decision-making. Upon graduation from our MSc program in Social and Economic Data Science, you'll be one of those specialists.

What does studying and living in Konstanz feel like? What makes Konstanz special?

Check out our information on study and live in Konstanz. You can also find important information on costs, fees and accomodation here to get a better impression about student life at the lakeside.

5 Good reasons to Study Social and Economic Data Science at the University of Konstanz:

  1. The programme brings together the expertise from various academic disciplines such as Political Science, Computer Science, Economics, and Statistics.
  2. It thus has a broader theoretical and methodological scope than specific Master’s programs in statistics or survey methods.
  3. The skills acquired will make students highly employable in academia as well as in a job market for data scientists that is rapidly growing (polling firms, market research institutes, online marketing positions, as political advisor, or consultant).
  4. This highly interdisciplinary and international study program offers students a great flexibility to choose coursework from different departments and follow their individual interests.
  5. Students can also earn credits for doing an internship or a data science project to deepen their practical skills and knowledge.

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What do we offer?

  • The program's broad methodological and substantive scope prepares you for a rapidly growing job market for data scientists in industry, government, NGOs, and academia.
  • Our university is part of Germany's Excellence Initiative, meaning we are one of 11 leading research universities in Germany.
  • The departments involved in our interdisciplinary MSc program offer plenty of opportunities for student exchanges, internships, and collaborations with ongoing research projects. Read more about study abroad as a SEDS student.

What will I learn?

  • The interdisciplinary Master's program provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to collect, manage, and analyse diverse data sources created from administrative processes, network logs, social media, surveys, or experiments.
  • It puts a heavy emphasis on foundational issues including problems of measurement, representation and causal inference which are often overlooked in current big data analytics. 
  • The modular structure of the program covers methodological, mathematical, computational and statistical foundations of data science, advanced computational and statistical methods, programming and scripting, and applications to questions of crucial interest in political science, economics, psychology, and sociology.

Is it for me?

The MSc in Social and Economic Data Science is tailored for students with a background in the behavioural and social sciences, and a proven interest in quantitative and computational methods. Your Bachelor's degree should be in

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • or a related degree

You are welcome to apply if you are in the final year of your Bachelor's program, but have not yet graduated.