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  • (2023): Autocompletion of repetitive stroking with image guidance Computational Visual Media ; 2023. - Springer. - ISSN 2096-0433. - eISSN 2096-0662

    Autocompletion of repetitive stroking with image guidance


    Image-guided drawing can compensate for a lack of skill but often requires a significant number of repetitive strokes to create textures. Existing automatic stroke synthesis methods are usually limited to predefined styles or require indirect manipulation that may break the spontaneous flow of drawing. We present an assisted drawing system to autocomplete repetitive short strokes during a user’s normal drawing process. Users draw over a reference image as usual; at the same time, our system silently analyzes the input strokes and the reference to infer strokes that follow the user’s input style when certain repetition is detected. Users can accept, modify, or ignore the system’s predictions and continue drawing, thus maintaining fluid control over drawing. Our key idea is to jointly analyze image regions and user input history to detect and predict repetition. The proposed system can effectively reduce the user’s workload when drawing repetitive short strokes, helping users to create results with rich patterns.

  • Kienbaum, Jutta (Hrsg.) (2023): Wie wird in anderen Kulturen Mitgefühl entwickelt und wirksam? Die Entwicklung von Mitgefühl : Von der frühen Kindheit bis in das hohe Alter / Kienbaum, Jutta (Hrsg.). - Stuttgart : Kohlhammer Verlag, 2023. - ISBN 978-3-17-041844-8

    Wie wird in anderen Kulturen Mitgefühl entwickelt und wirksam?



    dc.contributor.author: Trommsdorff, Gisela

  • (2023): Frictionless nanohighways on crystalline surfaces Nanoscale ; 15 (2023), 3. - S. 1299-1316. - Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). - ISSN 2040-3364. - eISSN 2040-3372

    Frictionless nanohighways on crystalline surfaces


    The understanding of friction at nano-scales, ruled by the regular arrangement of atoms, is surprisingly incomplete. Here we provide a unified understanding by studying the interlocking potential energy of two infinite contacting surfaces with arbitrary lattice symmetries, and extending it to finite contacts. We categorize, based purely on geometrical features, all possible contacts into three different types: a structurally lubric contact where the monolayer can move isotropically without friction, a corrugated and strongly interlocked contact, and a newly discovered directionally structurally lubric contact where the layer can move frictionlessly along one specific direction and retains finite friction along all other directions. This novel category is energetically stable against rotational perturbations and provides extreme friction anisotropy. The finite-size analysis shows that our categorization applies to a wide range of technologically relevant materials in contact, from adsorbates on crystal surfaces to layered two-dimensional materials and colloidal monolayers.

  • Wirth, Jan V.; Kleve, Heiko (Hrsg.) (2023): Netzwerk Lexikon des systemischen Arbeitens : Grundbegriffe der systemischen Praxis, Methodik und Theorie / Wirth, Jan V.; Kleve, Heiko (Hrsg.). - zweite, vollständig überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. - Heidelberg : Carl-Auer Verlag, 2023. - S. 333-336. - ISBN 978-3-8497-0438-4




    dc.contributor.author: Holzer, Boris

  • (2023): Interpersonal Resources and Insider/Outsider Dynamics in Party Office Comparative Political Studies ; 56 (2023), 1. - S. 131-157. - Sage. - ISSN 0010-4140. - eISSN 1552-3829

    Interpersonal Resources and Insider/Outsider Dynamics in Party Office


    While the multiple barriers women face to attain public office have been vastly documented, the operation of insider/outsider dynamics within political parties’ top decision-making bodies remains largely under-researched. This article provides new theoretical and empirical insights on how interpersonal resources create ingroups and outgroups in parties’ national executive committees—the body that manages the day-to-day functioning of the extra-parliamentary party organization. Our comparative analysis of Spanish political parties in the period 1975–2020 documents that interpersonal resources are unevenly distributed across gender. Most crucially, we show that these resources play out differently for women and men members, with embeddedness in party networks only helping the latter attain positional power and extend their tenure in party office. These heterogeneous effects suggest that top decision-making party bodies do not just reflect existing gender inequalities but reinforce them in significant ways, rendering women member outsiders on the inside.

  • Disentangling endogenous dynamics in turnout and vote choice



    dc.contributor.author: Käppner, Konstantin

  • (2023): Editorial: Symposium "Pre-results review" Experimental Economics ; 2023. - Springer. - ISSN 1386-4157. - eISSN 1573-6938

    Editorial: Symposium "Pre-results review"


    Recently, there has been a growing concern with the (non-)replicability of scientific findings. Many reasons for the ‘replication crisis’ have been brought forward, including uncorrected multiple-hypotheses testing, ex-post theorising, p-hacking, publication bias, and under-powered studies (see, for example, the excellent discussion in Renkewitz & Keiner, 2019). Four years ago, Experimental Economics called for proposals to be reviewed before collecting data. The aim was to gain experience with this new form of organising the research process that has been gaining popularity in many other disciplines over the past decade.

  • (2023): Knowing and believing things : what DP-complements can tell us about the argument structure and composition of (factive) attitudes Journal of Semantics ; 2023. - Oxford University Press (OUP). - ISSN 0167-5133. - eISSN 1477-4593

    Knowing and believing things : what DP-complements can tell us about the argument structure and composition of (factive) attitudes



    dc.contributor.author: Djärv, Kajsa

  • (2023): Uncovering the Early Stages of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Formation : A Nonclassical Multistep Pathway ACS Applied Engineering Materials ; 1 (2023), 1. - S. 696-707. - American Chemical Society (ACS). - eISSN 2771-9545

    Uncovering the Early Stages of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Formation : A Nonclassical Multistep Pathway


    Understanding the fundamental physicochemical processes that occur during the hydration of cementitious materials is essential for developing alternative binders that enable the partial substitution of Portland cement (PC), lowering the carbon footprint associated with the cement industry. Magnesium-silicate-hydrate (M-S-H) stands as a potential alternative binder; however, its inferior mechanical properties attributed to its nanostructure, and the high-water demand for curing, hinder the application of MgO-based cement as PC surrogate. A potential strategy to tackle these major drawbacks is based on controlling M-S-H formation from the early stages, building the properties and nanostructure of this binding phase from its basic building units. The present work provides insights into M-S-H nucleation and early growth gathered by combining titration experiments with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, analytical ultracentrifugation, and transmission electron microscopy. We evidenced a nonclassical multistep pathway where a highly complex mixture of defined hydrated magnesium (sodium)-silicate oligomeric species exists in solution prior nucleation. Our results suggest that these entities aggregate, yielding an ill-defined M-S-H precursor phase (depleted in Mg compared to the final product) which later transforms into a denser M-S-H interconnected network (Mg:Si ratio ca. 1) with a more defined sheet-like structure that still retains its poorly crystalline character. The identification of oligomeric silicates species prior nucleation is of great importance for developing means to regulate M-S-H (and potentially other hydrous silicates) formation by using a bottom-up approach. This work reveals that, during the hydration process of cementitious materials, the stages prior to the formation of hydrated solids cannot be disregarded, as they could open new avenues for engineering the properties of the final materials.

  • (2023): The role of position in consensus dynamics of polarizable networks Scientific Reports ; 13 (2023). - 3972. - Springer Nature. - eISSN 2045-2322

    The role of position in consensus dynamics of polarizable networks


    Communication constraints often complicate group decision-making. In this experiment, we investigate how the network position of opinionated group members determines both the speed and the outcome of group consensus in 7-member communication networks susceptible to polarization. To this end, we implemented an online version of a color coordination task within experimentally controlled communication networks. In 72 networks, one individual was incentivized to prefer one of two options. In 156 networks, two individuals were incentivized to prefer conflicting options. The network positions of incentivized individuals were varied. In networks with a single incentivized individual, network position played no significant role in either the speed or outcome of consensus decisions. For conflicts, the incentivized individual with more neighbors was more likely to sway the group to their preferred outcome. Furthermore, consensus emerged more slowly when the opponents had the same number of neighbors, but could not see each other’s votes directly. These results suggest that the visibility of an opinion is key to wielding group influence, and that specific structures are sufficient to run communication networks into polarization, hindering a speedy consensus.

  • (2023): Light emission in delta-T-driven mesoscopic conductors Physical Review B ; 107 (2023). - 155405. - American Physical Society (APS). - ISSN 2469-9950. - eISSN 2469-9969

    Light emission in delta-T-driven mesoscopic conductors


    The scattering picture of electron transport in mesoscopic conductors shows that fluctuations of the current reveal additional information on the scattering mechanism not available through the conductance alone. The electronic fluctuations are coupled to the electromagnetic field and a junction at finite bias or temperature will emit radiation. The nonsymmetrized current-current correlators characterize the emission and absorption spectrum. Recent interest is focused on the so-called delta-T noise, which is the nonequilibrium noise caused by a temperature difference between the terminals. Here, we generalize the notion of delta-T noise to the nonsymmetrized current-current correlator at finite frequencies. We investigate the spectral density for energy-independent scattering and for a resonant level as an example of energy-dependent scattering. We find that a temperature difference ΔT leads to a partial reduction of the noise for certain frequency ranges. This is a consequence of temperature broadening in combination with a frequency shift of the involved Fermi distributions. In the case of energy-independent scattering, the lowest order is a quadratic ∝(ΔT)2 correction of the thermal-like noise spectrum. For the resonance, additional contributions to the delta-T noise spectrum arise that are ∝ΔT to the lowest order.

  • (2023): Immunoproteasome inhibition prevents progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer British Journal of Cancer ; 2023. - Springer Nature. - ISSN 0007-0920. - eISSN 1532-1827

    Immunoproteasome inhibition prevents progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer


    BACKGROUND: Castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) is refractory to hormone treatment. This study aims to explore the effect and underlying mechanisms of immunoproteasome inhibition, a novel immunotherapy, on the progression of CRPC.

    METHODS: The immunoproteasome subunit LMP7 was silenced by using gene knockout or inhibited by the epoxyketone inhibitor ONX 0914 in a mouse CRPC tumour graft model and in interferon-γ-pretreated human CRPC cell lines in vitro.

    RESULTS: CRPC tissues reveal a significant “tumour-elicited” Th17-type inflammatory response which induces immunoproteasome subunit expression. LMP7 deficiency in host mice or in CRPC tumour grafts had no effect on the “tumour-elicited” Th17-type inflammatory response and tumour progression. However, the selective LMP7 inhibitor ONX 0914 strongly suppressed the “tumourelicited” Th17-type inflammatory response and CRPC tumour progression. Treatment of wild-type mice receiving LMP7-deficient CRPC tumour grafts with ONX 0914 further suggested that immunoproteasome inhibition prevents CRPC progression through suppressing IL-17-induced angiogenesis and epithelial–mesenchymal transition via inactivation of COX-2/VEGF-A signalling and β-catenin/Snail signalling. Treatment of LMP7-deficient mice receiving wild-type CRPC tumour grafts with ONX 0914 and inhibition of LMP7 in PC3 and 22Rv.1 cells with ONX 0914 showed that immunoproteasome inhibition also prevents CRPC progression through inducing CRPC cell apoptosis via activation of the unfolded protein response.

    CONCLUSIONS: We define a critical role of the immunoproteasome in CRPC and propose immunoproteasome inhibition as a promising therapeutic approach to suppress CRPC progression.

  • (2023): Benchmarking quantum error-correcting codes on quasi-linear and central-spin processors Quantum Science and Technology ; 8 (2023), 1. - 015013. - Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP). - eISSN 2058-9565

    Benchmarking quantum error-correcting codes on quasi-linear and central-spin processors


    We evaluate the performance of small error-correcting codes, which we tailor to hardware platforms of very different connectivity and coherence: on a superconducting processor based on transmon qubits and a spintronic quantum register consisting of a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond. Taking the hardware-specific errors and connectivity into account, we investigate the dependence of the resulting logical error rate on the platform features such as the native gates, native connectivity, gate times, and coherence times. Using a standard error model parameterized for the given hardware, we simulate the performance and benchmark these predictions with experimental results when running the code on the superconducting quantum device. The results indicate that for small codes, the quasi-linear layout of the superconducting device is advantageous. Yet, for codes involving multi-qubit controlled operations, the central-spin connectivity of the color centers enables lower error rates.

  • Falduto, Antonino; Mehigan, Tim (Hrsg.) (2023): Schiller on Morals The Palgrave Handbook on the Philosophy of Friedrich Schiller / Falduto, Antonino; Mehigan, Tim (Hrsg.). - Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2023. - S. 341-351. - ISBN 978-3-031-16797-3

    Schiller on Morals


    This chapter reconstructs Schiller’s ethics and moral philosophy, referring to his aesthetics and anthropology. After analyzing Schiller’s early philosophical writings, the chapter outlines Schiller’s ethical thought in his On Grace and Dignity (1793) and his On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters (1795). The chapter argues that Schiller’s ethics is complex: it comprises a perfectionist, a teleological, and an expressivist dimension, and can be interpreted as a kind of virtue ethics. In doing so, the chapter focuses on Schiller’s conception of man, of will, of heautonomy, and of the aesthetic state.

  • DeLay, Steven (Hrsg.) (2023): Performativity and Transformative Experience : Terrence Malick's Mysticism Life Above the Clouds : Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick / DeLay, Steven (Hrsg.). - Albany : State University of New York Press, 2023. - S. 91-105. - ISBN 978-1-4384-9211-7

    Performativity and Transformative Experience : Terrence Malick's Mysticism



    dc.contributor.author: Gutschmidt, Rico

  • (2023): 30 years brings changes to the arthropod community of Kibale National Park, Uganda Biotropica ; 55 (2023), 2. - S. 529-539. - Wiley. - ISSN 0006-3606. - eISSN 1744-7429

    30 years brings changes to the arthropod community of Kibale National Park, Uganda


    World-wide declines in arthropod abundance and diversity are a major concern, particularly given their importance in ecosystem functioning. Yet, data documenting long-term trends are rare from the tropics, particularly the Afrotropics. Here we evaluate changes in the arthropod communities in Kibale National Park, Uganda across almost four decades. Systematic sweep-net sampling was conducted in two forested sections of the park that had been logged and in one old-growth forest area over 12 consecutive months in 1983/1984 and 2020/2021. This data was augmented with intermittent samples taken in 1986 and 1995. Arthropod abundance declined in all areas, but only significantly so in the moderately logged forestry compartment (41%). Permutational multivariate analysis of variance indicated that community compositions of arthropods differed between the censuses. Understanding the drivers of changes in the arthropod communities is difficult as the system is complex and dynamic. We document an increase in temperature, but no change in rainfall, increases in 11 mammal species, including a marked increase in elephant numbers, and changes in forest structure. We also report on changes in the landscape outside of the park, which includes the human population increasing by a factor of four and agricultural intensification that now includes the use of pesticides. We document that many components of the ecosystem we studied changed simultaneously, which signals that for effective conservation planning, more long-term multi-disciplinary efforts are needed.

  • Mental health in urban environments : Uncovering the black box of person-place interactions requires interdisciplinary approaches


    This viewpoint discusses how interdisciplinary assessment methods of person-place benefits the socio-ecological perspective in urban health research. It starts with an overview on previous findings, which address relationships of environmental features to physical activity and mental health outcomes. We emphasize the need for appropriate approaches to assess time-sensitive associations to adequately investigate person-place interactions. Finally, we focus on ambulatory assessments and conclude that they can be improved by using a triggered design to capture data in situations where a strong contextual effect is assumed and by combining data and knowledge from different disciplines.

  • (2023): On the Use of YouTube, Digital Games, Argument Maps, and Digital Feedback in Teaching Philosophy Journal of Didactics of Philosophy ; 7 (2023). - Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Institut für Philosophie. - eISSN 2624-540X

    On the Use of YouTube, Digital Games, Argument Maps, and Digital Feedback in Teaching Philosophy


    We give an overview of the methodological possibilities of some important digital tools for teaching philosophy. Several didactically applicable methods have evolved in digital culture, including their implicit methodologies, theories about how these methods may be used. These methodologies are already applied by philosophers today and have their benefits and justifications in philosophy classes as well. They can help to solve known problems of philosophy education. We discuss problems of incomprehensibility and their possible solutions through digital explanations in pod- and videocasts such as YouTube; problems of interaction, motivation, and immersion that digital games and gamification may solve; problems of the complexity of philosophical content and digital concept- and argument-maps to deal with these; problems of implicitness and the possibility to make implicit things in philosophy class explicit through indirect feedback tools.

  • Lemberger Moderne : Studien zur Entstehung einer Wissenskultur


    Die Formierung der ästhetischen und wissenschaftlichen Moderne ist untrennbar mit den Wissenskulturen westlicher Metropolen wie Wien, Berlin oder Paris verknüpft. Das vorliegende Buch zeigt exemplarisch, dass es auch in Osteuropa kulturelle Zentren gab, die entscheidenden Anteil an der Ausprägung einer gesamteuropäischen Moderne hatten. Rekonstruiert wird, wie in der scheinbar abseits liegenden Stadt Lemberg während der Zwischenkriegszeit zahlreiche bahnbrechende epistemologische und ästhetische Konzeptionen entstanden. Diese begründeten eine durch alle wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen und kulturellen Gebiete gehende Moderne mit großer Strahlkraft. Bemerkenswerte Wechselbeziehungen zwischen Geistes-, Natur-, Sozialwissenschaften und Kunst sind dabei zu verzeichnen, die eine Fülle an außergewöhnlichen Pionierleistungen hervorbrachten. Die Landkarte der Moderne ist neu zu vermessen.

  • Pons Sanz, Sara M.; Sylvester, Louise (Hrsg.) (2023): Exploring Norn : a historical heritage language of the British Isles Medieval English in a multilingual context / Pons Sanz, Sara M.; Sylvester, Louise (Hrsg.). - London : Palgrave, 2023

    Exploring Norn : a historical heritage language of the British Isles



    dc.contributor.author: Kinn, Kari; Walkden, George

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