Double Degree-Option - SciencesPo Grenoble

Exchange Option in the Master Programme Politics and Public Administration


The Department of Politics and Public Administration and the Sciences Po Grenoble, France, offer a a double degree option.

The double degree options gives six students of each university the opportunity to receive an MA degree of the University of Konstanz as well as the "Master of Arts Etudes Internationales et Européennes", "Politiques publiques et changement social" or "Ingenierie Financière" of SciencesPo Grenoble at the end of their studies.

The programme is intended for highly motivated junior scientists interested in interdisciplinary problems in the fields of political science and management, European studies, law, economics and related subjects. The master programme focuses on governance within the multilevel system of the European Union, the role of the EU and its member states in International Relations as well as research design and methods.

Recommended study plan

In total, you earn 30 ECTS.

Sie belegen folgende Kurse:

- Vorlesung Research Design I (Study Area 1, 9 ECTS)

- Grundlagenseminar im gewählten Schwerpunkt (Study Area 2, 7 ECTS)

- Grundlagenseminar aus einem anderen Schwerpunkt (Study Area 2, 7 ECTS)

- Seminar aus dem Wahlpflichtbereich (Study Area 4, 7 ECTS)

In total, you earn 30 ECTS.

You take the following courses:- Vorlesung Research Design II (Study Area 1, 9 ECTS)

- Seminar I im gewählten Schwerpunkt (Study Area 3, 7 ECTS)

- Seminar II im gewählten Schwerpunkt (Study Area 3, 7 ECTS)

- Seminar aus dem Wahlpflichtbereich (Study Area 4, 7 ECTS)

In total, you earn 30 ECTS.

You take courses from the chosen field of specialisation. During the Spring you do an internship of min. 2 months.

In total, you earn 30 ECTS.

You write a MA thesis worth 30 ECTS. You have four months time to finish the thesis.


Students achieve an excellent education from two institutions known for outstanding research and teaching. They profit from conditions which make a successful and enriching course of studies possible: personal support, good infrastructure, small classes and a combination of research and teaching, including excellent libraries. And, of course, from the locations of their unique settings on the Lake Constance and the Alps.

In this way, the graduates of the double degree exchange are prepared to do academic work as well as finish their thesis.

At the same time, the opportunity for working in international organizations, national administrations or even in private industry is open to them. Many personal contacts on all levels and through the Alumni support in both institutions can be very helpful at the start of their career.

Study Conditions

- Course languages: German, English, French 
- Language for the Master Thesis:  English or French
- Lenght of Studies: 4 terms (number of therms required) 
- Number of places: 6 students for the University of Konstanz, 6 students of the IEP Grenoble

Tuition fees

All students are enrolled at the University of Konstanz for the whole duration of their studies. Enrolled students pay an administrative fee of € 179 per semester at the University of Konstanz during the entire study time. Students that do not hold the citizenship of an EU or EEU member state have to pay an additional tuition fee of € 1500 per semester. The most relevant information about these fees have been collected on the website of the Student Service Centre at the University of Konstanz.

For their year at SciencesPo Grenoble, students with have to pay tuition fees of approx.  € 2.600.