Double Degree-Option - University of Gothenburg

Exchange Option in the Master Program Politics and Public Administration

In cooperation with the University of Gothenburg

Supported by the DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Programme Overview 

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In cooperation with the renowned Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, the Department of Politics and Public Administration offers a double degree programme for masters students of Politics and Public Administration.

Through the programme, five students of each university interested in an internationally orientated and interdisciplinary course of studies are given the possibly of spending a year in Sweden and a year in Germany. At the end of their studies, students obtain a master’s title from each university.

Students have a high degree of flexibility in deciding which subject areas they will focus during their course of studies. The additional focus of this programme is to provide a solid base in quantitative and qualitative methods


Internationally renowned teaching and research, small seminars and a direct contact with teaching staff offered by each department serve as an ideal preparation for the job market as well as the continuation studies in form of a PhD. The possibility of participating in research projects during the completion of the degree programme, moreover, is a stepping stone for a possible career in academia.

Through the internationally orientated and high quality education provided through the degree programme, students will be well prepared for a national or international career in the private or public sector.

Moreover, the alumni network of the University of Konstanz will make entering a career in the private sector or with an international organisation, national government, civil service or non-governmental organisation much easier.

Students will not be short of recreational activities over the course of this degree programme, moreover, the University of Konstanz being located near a lake and mountains and the University of Gothenburg in the diverse urban and scenic environment of the western-Swedish skerry coast.

Study Conditions

Fields of Specialization

At the University of Konstanz, students can choose between three fields of specialization. The focus of this part of the degree programme is to provide a grounding in quantitative and / or qualitative methods.

Depending on the selected field of specialization during the first year, the second year in Gothenburg is integrated in one of the three participating MA programmes:

1st year, Konstanz + 2nd year, Gothenburg

KN: International Politics (IP, major) + European Studies (EU, minor) - GTH: European Studies

KN: International Politics (IP, major) + Conflict Studies Studies (EU, minor) - GTH: International Admininstration and Global Governance

KN: Comparative Politics and Policy Analysis (CPPA, major) + optional minor (e.g. methods) - GTH: Political Science

The exact study structure can be found here.

Language of Instruction

Mainly English, it is possible to choose elective courses in German

Language of Master’s Thesis


Length of Degree Programme

4 Semesters

Number of Places Available

Six places for students from Universiy of Konstanz and six places for students from the University of Gothenburg (two for each participating MA programme).

Tuition Fees

All students are enrolled at the University of Konstanz for the whole duration of their studies. Enrolled students pay an administrative fee of € 179 per semester at the University of Konstanz during the entire study time. Students that do not hold the citizenship of an EU or EEU member state have to pay an additional tuition fee of € 1500 per semester. The most relevant information about these fees have been collected on the website of the Student Service Centre at the University of Konstanz.

Students holding the citizenship of an EU-memberstate are waived from tuition fees in Sweden. At Göteborg, no tuition fees are to be paid.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Students admitted by the University of Konstanz are eligible for a monthly DAAD or an Erasmus-scholarship during the study period abroad.

In addition, students holding a German citizenship can apply for financial aid from the German state, 'Ausland-Bafög'.

The Swedish government has several funding schemes for students, including students from abroad. More information is provided through the University of Gothenburg.