How to reach us

Vacation around Pentecost!

Due to holidays there are no office hours between 21 May and 31 May.

Regular office hours during lecture period:

Tuesday, 11 - 12 AM, online via zoom

Wednesday, 1:30 - 3 PM, on-site (D328) with appointment

Should you have any questions regarding the MSc SEDS, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please, check semester dates here.

Any changes concerning the office hours will be published on this website, please inform yourself before attending the office hour!

Katharina Arendt

Program Coordinator (during parental leave)

MSc Social and Economic Data Science

Office hours: 

  • Tue, 11-12 AM (online)
  • Wed, 1.30-3 PM (D328)

Kathrin Isabelle Krautheimer

Program Coordinator

MSc Social and Economic Data Science

Maternity Leave: April 2023 - Autumn 2024

Office hours:

  • Tue, 11-12 AM (online)
  • Wed, 2-4 PM (D328)

Tessa Bartels

Peer Advisor and Student Assistant

MSc Social and Economic Data Science