Department of Politics and Public Administration - An Overview

Find here information about the Department, our researchers and staff, our administrative bodies, current events and projects.


Politics and Public Administration - In the German academic context, this combination of subjects is most often connected to the University of Konstanz. The combination of politics and public administration together with management science is also unique to Konstanz. We pursue a networked form of research and discuss current topics in our regularly held research seminars, meetings and conferences. Our Department newsletter is published every semester and summarises all current Department developments.

The Department

Who teaches, researches and works in the Department? What is an exam committee (Prüfungsausschuss)? What is the study commission (Studienkommission) responsible for? Who is available to assist you within the department administration? What does the student council (Fachschaft) of the Department do? What do department alumni do? Find out more about the heads of the Department here.