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Double Degree-Options of the MA in Politics and Public Administration

Find here all relevant information about the internal admission procedure

This Website cointains information directed to students who are already admitted to the MA in Politics and Public Administration, not to future applicants *** General application deadline for the MA programme: 15th of May of every year *** Students usually spend the first year of their MA in Constance and apply for an exchange during that first year.

The department offers a unique range of double degree options. This webiste focuses on the application process for the different options. Information about the different partner universities and the content can be found on the general MA website.

Partner UniversityApplication deadlineApplication websiteFields of Specialization
Rutgers2nd of NovemberInternational OfficeIREI, CPPA, IACM, MAPA
Essex1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, IACM
UPF Barcelona1st of February This websiteIREI, CPPA
IEP Grenoble1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, MAPA
Nottingham1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, IACM
Gothenburg1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, IACM
ChU Prague1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, IACM
Utrecht1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, MAPA
Warwick1st of FebruaryThis websiteIREI, CPPA, IACM 

The abreviations refer to the following fields of specialization:

IREI: International Relations and European Integration - CPPA: Comparative Politics and Policy Analysis -  IACM: International Admininistration and Conflict Management - MAPA: Management and Public Admininistration

General Remarks

Please note the following:

  • The MA programme in Politics and Public Administration includes several exchange options. According to the study structure of the department, the application for the MA programme and the application for a double degree exchange are two independent processes.
  • The application for a (double degree) exchange to the US is organized by the International Office. The central application deadline for this exchange is 2nd of November. The information about the application process can be found here.
  • The application for a double degree exchange within Europe can be done through this website. The application deadline is 1st of February. Please note that, after successful selection by the department, students will have to hand in their documents at the partner university in order to complete the enrolment there. Tuition fees may apply.
  • Students can go abroad during the first or second year of the MA. We recommend students who have not studied at the University of Konstanz during their undergraduate period to choose the second option. Students who have done their BA in Konstanz or are about to finish the BA programme can already apply for a double degree exchange while they are still enrolled in the BA.

Double Degree Programmes in Europe - Selection Process

Please note the following:

  • The application deadline is 1st of February.
  • Applicants have to fill out the application form on this website. After completion, applicants have to press the button "confirm".
  • In case that more applicants than places available apply for a specific cooperation, the selection committee might invite students to a personal interview. The interview will take place within two weeks after the application deadline.