Professors and Junior Professors

You can find here detailed information about our (junior-)professors and their working groups.


Survey Research

Prof. Dr. Peter Selb

Office: C 248, P.O. Box: 85
Phone: +49 7531 88 2321
E-Mail: Peter.Selb [at]

Research interests:

Public opinion surveys, elections, direct democracy

Political Methodology

Prof. Dr. Susumu Shikano

Office: Y 316, P.O. Box: 92
Phone: +49 7531 88 3679
E-Mail: Susumu.Shikano [at]

Research interests:

Decision theory, Bayesian statistics, experiments, computer-based simulations

Computational Social Science

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Karsten Donnay

Office: D 246, P.O. Box: 85

Phone: 07531/88-2617

E-Mail: Karsten.Donnay [at]

Research interests:

Intrastate conflict and terrorism; urban crime and conflict; grievances and political instability; development of quantitative methods for causal inference and for the analysis of georeferenced and large unstructured data sets; computer-based simulations

Social Science Data Collection and Analysis

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Jungherr

Office: D 307, P.O. Box: 85

Phone: +49 7531 88 2150
E-Mail: Andreas-Martin.Jungherr [at]

Research interests:

The effects of the internet on political communication;  the use of digital trace data in the social sciences


Comparative Politics

Prof. Dr. Christian Breunig

Office: D 313, P.O. Box: 84
Phone: +49 7531 88 3293
E-Mail: Christian.Breunig [at]

Research interests:

Representation and public policy in advanced democracies, comparative political economy, political methodology

Political Science, especially Policy Analysis and Political Theory

Prof. Dr. Marius Busemeyer

Office: D 237, P.O. Box: 79
Phone: +49 7531 88 2860
E-Mail: Marius.Busemeyer [at]

Research Interests:

Education, social and labour market policy; international comparative welfare state research; capitalism research; public opinion regarding education and social reforms; social inequality.

Empirical and Normative Democratic Theory

apl. Prof. Dr. Sven Jochem

Office: C 308, P.O. Box: 92
Phone: +49 7531 88 4592
E-Mail: Sven.Jochem [at]

Research interests:

Politics of the financial crisis in Europe, Social and Employment Policies in Germany and Scandinavia, Politics, Economy and Society in Scandinavia, Defects of Contemporary Democracies – Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

Empirical Theory of the State

Prof. Dr. Volker Schneider

Office: D 333, P.O. Box: 81
Phone: +49 7531 88 2318
E-Mail: Volker.Schneider [at]

Research interests:

Theory of the state, theory of complexity and networks, information and communication policy, innovation policy, energy policy, politics of climate change, interest groups and democracy, organized business, social and political networks

Political Theory

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Aurélia Bardon

Office: D 329, P.O. Box: 81
Phone: 07531/88-2246
E-Mail: aurelia.bardon [at]

Research interests:

Analytical political philosophy; Religion and political theory; Public reason & public justification; Secularism; Liberalsim; Moral and religious pluralism; Reasonable disagreements; Liberal neutrality; Bioethics.

Political Economy

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anselm Rink

Office: E 208, P.O. Box: 146
Phone: +49 7531 88 3717
E-Mail: anselm.rink [at]

Research interests:

Politcal economy of development, focusing on religion (proselytism and extremism); poltical behaviour in Germany, focusing on migration and integration

German Politics and Public Administration

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Zuber

Office: C 305, P.O. Box: 89
Phone: 07531/88-3374
E-Mail: Christina.Zuber [at]

Research interests:

Party competition, multinational democracies, integration politics in multi-level systems, democratic innovation in politics and administration


Political Science, especially International Politics

Prof. Dr. Dirk Leuffen

Office: D 240, P.O. Box: 83
Phone.: +49 7531 88 2924
E-Mail: Dirk.Leuffen [at]

Research interests:

European Union, regional integration, German foreign politics

International Politics and Conflict Management

Research interests:

European Integration and Institutions, Single European Market, Decision-making in the EU, i.e. Differentiated Integration, Elections and Democracy in Africa, Conflicts in Africa, Political Violence, Armed Groups, Mediation, Constitution-making following Internal Conflicts, Ethnic Groups and Conflict

International Politics

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schneider

Office: D 233, P.O. Box: 86
Phone: +49 7531 88 2608
E-Mail: Gerald.Schneider [at] uni-konstanz de

Research interests:

European Union (especially European Council, Council of Ministers, and European Monetary Union); politics and financial markets; prediction of political events; causes and consequences of political violence; Globalization; terrorism; diversity and political violence; mediation and other forms of conflict management

Comparative Politics of Non-democratic States

Prof. Dr. Nils B. Weidmann

Office: D 341, P.O. Box: 84
Phone: +49 7531 88 5676
E-Mail: Nils.Weidmann [at]

Research interests:

Civil wars, ethnic conflicts, modern communication technologies, mobilization and protest in autocratic systems, democratization, computer-based simulations, spatial data-analysis

Temporary Professorship for Comparative Political Science

Dr. Sebastian Ziaja

Senior Research Fellow

Office D 343, P.O.Box 84
Tel.: +49 7531 88-3092


Research interests:

Political methodology: measurement; clustering methods; causal inference

International relations: foreign aid; signaling; globalization

Comparative politics: political regimes; regime change; state capacity

European Governance (Guest Professor)

Prof. Dr. Gijs Jan Brandsma (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

E-Mail: Gijs.Brandsma [at]

Research interests:

European Integration, Differentiated Integration, Multi-level Governance, Origins and Impacts of Institutions


Management, especially Strategy and Leadership

Prof. Dr. Sabine Boerner

Office: D 317, P.O. Box: 88
Phone: +49 7531 88 3058
E-Mail: Sabine.Boerner [at]

Research interests:

Personnel management, cooperation and communication in organisational groups, leadership, cooperation and performance in cultural organisations, research on innnovation

Organisational Studies

Prof. Dr. Florian Kunze

Office: D235, P.O. Box: 87
Phone: +49 7531 88 2355
E-Mail: Florian.Kunze [at]

Research interests:

Demographic change in organisations; age identities; age stereotypes and discrimination; diversity research in teams and organisations; faultline research; effective leadership for individuals, teams, and organizations; evidence-based human resource management; quantitative methods for management research; multilevel analysis; structural equation modelling

Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Ines Mergel

Office: D 234, P.O. Box 83 
Phone: +49 7531 88 3553 
E-Mail: Ines.Mergel [at]

Research interests:

Managing innovations in the public sector, organizational and digital transformation, informal networks in the diffusion process, networked governance


Substitute professorship in the winter semester 2018/19:

Prof. Dr. Michael Dobbins

Room D 241, P.O. Box: 93

Phone: +49 7531/88-3617


Research interests:

Education policy, Higher education policy, Policy-making in the European Union, Domestic policy-making in the USA, Interest group politics, Transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe, Domestic and foreign policies in Caucasian region countries

German Politics and Public Administration

Research interests:

Politics and public administration, international administration, non-governmental and non-profit organisations, theories of public administration

Public Administration/ Organization Theory

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steffen Eckhard

Office: D 224, P.O. Box 89

Phone 07531/88-2161

E-Mail: steffen.eckhard [at]

Politics and bureaucracy in domestic and international public organizations, street-level bureaucracy and policy implementation, crisis management, societal impact of administrative action, international peace and security policy

Management, especially Social Responsibility

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Koos

Office: D 227, P.O. Box: 88
Phone: +49 7531/88-3003
E-Mail: Sebastian.Koos [at]

Research interests:

Corporate Social Responsibility, organizational studies, economic sociology, political/ ethical/ sustainable consumption, social movements and markets, private governance, civic engagement, Non-Profit organizations, employment relations, the moral economy of capitalism