• Welcome to the Working Group on
    Comparative Political Economy

    The working group studies education and social policies from an international comparative perspective, the political causes and consequences of social inequality as well as individual attitudes and public opinion on the welfare state.

  • New book publication on the role of public opinion in education reform

    The new book by Marius R. Busemeyer, Julian L. Garritzmann and Erik Neimanns studies the role of public opinion in education reform. The book shows that public opinion only matters under particular circumstances, competing with party politics and interest groups. The study provides detailed analysis of original public opinion data collected in eight European countries, complemented with detailed case studies of reform processes.

  • Current research projects

    Currently, the following third-party funded projects are conducted in the working group:

    - Digitalization, automation and the future of work in post-industrial welfare states

    - Students' perceptions of inequality and their association with political participation and educational aspirations

    - Inequality Barometer: survey project on attitudes and perceptions of inequality among the German resident population

    - EU project on the "The Future of European Social Citizenship"

Current news

Research stay in Amsterdam

As part of the EUSOCIALCIT project, Gianna Eick works as a visiting researcher in the research group "Political Economy and Transnational Governance" at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in September and October 2022.


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Konstanzia Fellowship

Gianna Eick has been awarded a Konstanzia Fellowship at the University of Konstanz. As part of the fellowship, she receives research funding, mentoring from Prof. Dr. Steffen Mau, coaching, and is integrated into additional career networks.

Konstanzia Fellowship

APSA Awards for members of the Working Group

Our book "A loud, but noisy signal? Public opinion and education reform in Western Europe" (by Marius Busemeyer, Julian Garritzmann and Erik Neimanns) wins this year's "Best Book Award" of the APSA Education Politics and Policy Section. Susanne Garritzmann's Dissertation "Education systems and political inequality: How educational institutions shape turnout gaps" wins the "Best Dissertation Award" of this APSA Section! Congrats!

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