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Kilian Hampel in the German media: Why young Germans vote for populists

In the study Jugend in Deutschland 2024 (Youth in Germany 2024), Kilian Hampel shows that young Germans have lost their trust in the entire political system. The study shows that young people are confronted with existential fears: Old-age poverty, war, climate crisis, inflation and other financial problems. Among other things, a fifth of those surveyed, i.e. more than 2,000 young people, stated that they were in debt. 

The study also shows that young people want to be heard. Thereby parties…

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Elisa Deiss-Helbig develops VOTO online voting aid for the municipal elections in Konstanz on the 9th of June 2024 

An election aid is now available specifically for Konstanz: Since the 12th of May 2024, the citizens of Konstanz have the opportunity to use the VOTO online election aid to compare general and specific issues of Konstanz with the positions of parties and alliances running for the municipal elections in Konstanz on the 9th of June 2024. Elisa Deiss-Helbig, political scientist at the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz, has set up the VOTO online election aid together with her team for…

Prof. Dr. Florian Kunze and the Konstanz home office study in the media: The obligation to return from the home office has only been introduced by a fifth of companies and has a negative impact on employee stress levels

In contrast to the prevailing public debate of recent months, which suggests that many companies have introduced a stronger obligation for employees to be present, data from the Konstanz home office study by Prof. Dr. Florin Kunze and his team show that this is only the case in a minority of 22 percent of companies. It is clear that stress and exhaustion are almost twice as high among employees who are subject to a greater presence obligation (21 per cent without presence obligation and 38 per…

Prof. Dr. Ines Mergel on the private sector's shared responsibility for excessive regulation and bureaucratization

The Initiative for a New Social Market Economy (INSM), a market-liberal lobby organisation, has launched a pop-up museum to criticise the excessive regulation and bureaucratisation in Germany. Prof. Dr. Ines Mergel points out in the newschannel Deutsche Welle that the private sector is also partly responsible for this. She explains that civil servants and politicians usually draw up fairly broad guidelines. However, the private sector lobbies for many differentiated additions, guidelines and…

Prof. Dr. Christina Zuber on the guidelines for German culture in the party programme of the conservative party CDU

The German conservative party CDU has adopted a new party programme at its party conference. In it, the party defines its position on migration and its relationship with Islam much more conservatively than in the Merkel years. For Prof. Dr. Christina Zuber, the Christian Democrats are wasting potential among many people with a history of migration who are actually close to the CDU. You can listen to her comments in German on Deutschlandfunk Kultur here and on the WDR 5 opinion podcast Politikum…

We congratulate Alvin Bürck, Daniela Blumberg, David Danner, Lucas Leonhard and Larissa Möckel on receiving the VEUK Prize for outstanding achievements in their studies!

Alvin Bürck, Daniela Blumberg, David Danner, Lucas Leonhard and Larissa Möckel were honoured with the VEUK Prize of the University of Konstanz Alumni Association at the graduation ceremony on the 4th of May 2024 of the Department of Politics and Public Administration. The selection is based on excellent academic achievements. The prize is awarded at Bachelor's and Master's level and is endowed with 200 euros.The awardees received the prize for the following outstanding theses:

Alvin Karl Bürck …

Congratulations to all our graduates of the department!

On 4th of May 2024, the Department of Politics and Public Administration celebrated its successful graduates and said goodbye to them in a wonderful graduation ceremony. Our head of department Prof. Dr. Anke Hoeffler looked back on the time of study and praised the graduates. Afterwards the certificates were awarded and the best theses were presented. Some imressions can be found here. We congratulate all our graduates and wish them all the best for the future.

CHE Ranking 2024: Excellent results once again for the Department of Politics and Public Administration

The Department of Politics and Public Administration is one of the eight subjects at the University of Konstanz that were re-evaluated in this year's CHE ranking. The results are excellent (as in the last CHE rankings in 2021 and 2018). In 13 out of 14 indicators, the department performs above average, often with top rankings. The assessment is particularly good in the categories of study organisation, support during the studies, support for exchange programmes and library facilities.

Kilian Hampel shows on WDR that Gen Z is insecure and dissatisfied.

In their youth study, Kilian Hampel, Simon Schnetzer and Prof Klaus Hurrelmann show that young people between 14 and 29 are pessimistic about the future. This is one of the findings of the 2024 Youth Study. Mental stress is also on the rise among Gen Z: almost one in nine people of this age are receiving treatment for mental disorders. You can find the full article about the study in German here

Jun-Prof. Dr Lukas Rudolph is investigating factors in Bangladesh that motivate people to (not) migrate.

Strange things have been happening to the Jamuna, a river that flows through Bangladesh, for some time now: it continues to expand. In the process, it is devouring thousands of hectares of fertile farmland and taking the homes of tens of thousands of people with it. Like a hungry animal. People are therefore leaving their villages all along the Jamuna. They are being watched closely. More than eight thousand kilometres away, Jun. Prof. Dr Lukas Rudolph and Prof. Dr Vally Koubi are tracking every…