Course Regognition from Abroad

Do you plan on completing a part of your degree abroad? Or did you just return to Konstanz and would like to have your courses recognized? Please find all necessary information on this page.

Before you leave Konstanz to go abroad

Course Selection, Consultation on Recognition, Learning Agreement

  • Get in touch with your study advisors at the department to find out, whether the courses, which you would like to take abroad, can be recogniyed in Konstanz as part of your degree.
  • For that, please send us the course descriptions. When all recognition options have been discussed, you can fill out your Learning Agreement, collect all necessary signatures, and upload it on Mobility Online.
  • Courses from abroad can be recognized as part of your degree if they are widely equivalent to the courses offered in Konstanz in terms of:
  1. content/topics,
  2. level,
  3. workload in ECTS
  4. type of examination

After you return

Recognition of Courses

  • After your return, you can officially request to have your courses recognized by filling out the online form (see links on the right side of this page).
  • Please fill out the form in accordance with what was agreed upon in your Learning Agreement and upload your Transcript of Records from the partner university.
  • We will respond to your request and transfer your courses to your ZEuS account.
  • As soon as your courses from abroad have been transfered to your ZEuS account, please upload your Transcript of Records from abroad, your Confirmation of Stay as well as a ZEuS transcript with the recognized courses on Mobility Online. After that, you will receive the rest of your Erasmus+ stipend (about 20%).