Preparation for the Erasmus+ Exchange

After the selection process at the department, we will nominate you to the partner university. All futher information, e.g. application, acceptance, housing, course selection, will then be sent to you by the partner university direct. This will take place some time between March and June, depending on the university.

The Erasmus+ exchange also includes a stipend for all participants. The exact amount varies between 330 and 450 Euro, depending on the destination country, and is granted for 4 months (for one semester exchanges) or 8 months (for two semester exchanges). The department will pass on the list of nominated students to the International Office of the University of Konstantz. From there, you will receive all necessary information on how to officially apply for the stipend.

If you would like the courses you take abroad to count towards your degree, please consult your study advisors about the recognition process directly.