Administration of the Department

Who is in charge of the academic and the administrative co-ordination of the Department?

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Katharina Holzinger
Tel.: (+49) 7531 88 2811
E-Mail:  katharina.holzinger [at]
Room C 532, P.O. Box 90

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Florian Kunze
Tel.: 07531 88 2355
E-Mail: Florian.Kunze [at]
Room D 235, P.O. Box 87

Director of Departmental Administration

Dr. Ulrike Haas-Spohn
Tel.: 07531 88 3554
E-Mail: Ulrike.Haas-Spohn [at]
Room C 301, Postfach 80

Assistants to the Director of Departmental Administration

Gabriele Ostermeier and Julia Goebel
Tel.: 07531 88 2614
E-Mail: Sekretariat.Polver [at]
Room C 300, Postfach 80

Study Advisors and Examination Office

The contact details of the contact persons and their attendance hours can be found here.