Substitution Rules

Coursework worth 12 credits, namely the two doctoral seminars in which research papers are not required, as well as the higher education didactic /ASD/SQ events, can be substituted by presentations at academic conferences, the organization of academic coursework or programs, work in externally funded projects, or through the publication of scientific papers.  The doctoral committee will decide which alternate products or services can be counted, and how many ECTS credits they can earn.  The following provisions shall apply:

Project-related Work

Semi-annual participation in professionally relevant third-party projects that are carried out at the department or comparable departments in other universities

Employment rate at least 49%


8 cr

Other research activities at other, especially foreign universities, research institutions, or archives, as well as in-house PhD programs that are directly related to the dissertation proposal, half-yearly

A maximum of 16 credits can be earned



4 cr


Implementation of a course

Multiple instructors will result in proportional pro rata credit calculation



Anthology articles via all German-language publishers

4 cr

Anthology with assessment at an international publisher (Routledge, Macmillan etc.)

6 cr

Anthology article luxury class (Cambridge, Oxford, MIT etc.)

8 cr

Journal Article C-Class

6 cr

Journal Article B-Class

8 cr

Journal Article A-Class

12 cr

Co-authorship will result in proportional pro rata credit calculation

Other Activities

Summer Schools etc. (e.g. POLNET; ECPR and methodological training QCA/Fuzzy Set, ZA)

8 cr

Participation in international conferences, where a fully formulated paper is assessed

(Co-authorship will result in proportional pro rata credit calculation; a paper that is presented at multiple conferences can only be counted once

8 cr

To receive credit for academic products and services, doctoral students are required to provide the doctoral committee with supporting documents and evidence.  All doctoral students who are enrolled in the PhD program are eligible to teach courses within the department of Politics and Public Administration’s BA degree program.  The classification of journals into the aforementioned classes is based on the standards that have been agreed upon in the respective academic associations. The doctoral committee will welcome the professional assessment of relevant association representatives for publications in journals that are not included in these rankings (yet).