Graduate School of the Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The formal framework of the PhD programme

The PhD programme in Politics and Public Administration is organized within the Graduate School of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSBS).

Academic supervision and advising take place at the department. Information on the structure of the program can be found on the GSBS website.

The GSBS is part of the university-wide Konstanz Research School (KRS).

The department works closely with the Cluster of Excellence The Politics of Inequality and it is possible to acquire an additional specialization in this field.

Useful links

- General Provisions of Doctoral Regulations of the University of Konstanz (information on the general framework of a doctorate in Konstanz).

- Subject-specific appendix to the doctoral regulations (starting on page 52, only in German, information e.g. on the admission requirements or on the rules for a cumulative Ph.D. thesis)

- Study and examination regulations for the doctoral programme within the framework of the GSBS (only in German, information e.g. on the course structure, the course selection and the milestones)

- Subject and specialization specific regulations within the study and examination regulations of the GSBS (only in German, page 16, information on the substitution of examination credits, and the additional specialization in Inequality)