• Welcome to Team German Politics

    Studying politics in Germany and abroad in the context of comparative politics, public policy, and democratic theory.

  • Main Research Areas

    Our main research areas are political representation and party competition, federalism and regionalism, and the politics and policies of migration and integration.

  • Research Focus

    We study how societal diversity affects democratic government and are particularly interested in the political mobilization and representation of ethnic and national identities. 

  • Diversity of Perspectives

    Different perspectives, backgrounds and epxeriences are the basis of successful research - contact us if you would like to add yours!

  • Upcoming Event

    On 13.02.23 from 5.30-7pm, Christina Zuber launches her book at the Freiräume and on Zoom.

    Marius Busemeyer and Anita Manatchal comment the book and Kirsten Mahlke moderates the evening.

    Please register by 30 January 2023 via e-mail to office.zuber@uni-konstanz.de

    More information here

  • Upcoming Event II

    The current German government put a reform of the German citizenship law back on the agenda. One part of this reform is to accept dual citizenship as the norm and not only as the exception, as is currently the case.

    In an event organized by the Jusos Rottweil, Christina will speak about how old ideas still shape current debates evolving around (dual) citizenship and present some results from a research project on the implementation of citizenship law in Germany.

    Her presentation will be followed by a discussion with Lars Castellucci (Member of the German Parliament, SPD).

    The event takes place on zoom on February 17 at 4 pm.

    Please register by sending an e-mail to jusos.rottweil@web.de