• Welcome to Team German Politics

    Studying politics in Germany and abroad in the context of comparative politics, public policy, and democratic theory.

  • Main Research Areas

    Our main research areas are political representation and party competition, federalism and regionalism, and the politics and policies of migration and integration.

  • Research Focus

    We study how societal diversity affects democratic government and are particularly interested in the political mobilization and representation of ethnic and national identities. 

  • Diversity of Perspectives

    Different perspectives, backgrounds and epxeriences are the basis of successful research - contact us if you would like to add yours!

  • Book: Ideational Legacies and the Politics of Migration in European Minority Regions

    Christina's recent book outlines a new theory of ideational policy stabilization.

    Based on qualitative data from two European minority regions, Catalonia and South Tyrol, she demonstrates that differences in the two regions' contemporary answers to international migration can be explained by the historical legacies of industrialisation and internal migration.

    More information on the book and where to buy it can be found here