Junprof. Christina Zuber

German Politics

General information on supervision:

If you are considering me as future first supervisor for your BA or MA thesis, please send me a one page document covering the following points when you first contact me, so we have a basis for our decision on whether I would be an adequate supervisor for you, or not: 

  1. Which research question do you want to address?
  2. Which strand of the literature and which theories do you want to relate your thesis to?
  3. Which research design, type of data and analysis are you planning to use to answer your research question?

General information on letters of recommendation:

Please bare in mind that two necessary conditions apply if you want me to write you a letter of recommendation: 

  1. You have attended one of my seminars, have actively participated in the discussions, have handed in a written assignment and have finished the seminar with a total grade ≤ 2.0;
  2. You are contacting me with your request at the very least two weeks in advance of the deadline;

In case condition 1 and 2 apply, please send me an e-mail with your request containing:

             a) the contact details of the addressee of the letter;
             b) the deadline;
             c) a short remark on your motivation to apply;
             d) your CV;
             e) your current transcript of records.