Inequality, Peace and Conflict

Call for Papers and Panels

Inequality remains one of the most fundamental challenges of our times. While oftentimes studied at the level of individuals, inequality also manifests itself at the level of societal groups, but also includes disparities between countries at a global scale. Inequality and conflict are oftentimes closely interlinked, with one being likely to reinforce the other. Peace and conflict research speaks to these questions from different disciplinary perspectives: How can we better understand how individual feelings of deprivation lead to discontent and anger? How are collective identities shaped by shared experiences of discrimination, and how does this lead to collective mobilization? What implications do global inequalities have for competition and conflict between states and in international organizations? At the same time, inequality may not only constitute a driver of conflict, but also a consequence, increasing disparities between individuals and groups in post-conflict societies. Conversely, this means that tackling social inequality can increase the prospects for peace on the individual, societal and even global level. 

We invite theoretical and empirical contributions from all disciplines represented in the broad field of peace and conflict studies and from scholars at different career stages. We will consider contributions closely related to the conference theme, but also others situated in peace and conflict studies more broadly. 


Panels: Please submit a panel proposal (max. 2 pages) including information on the chair, the participants and the discussant (if applicable) as well as abstracts for each individual contribution. Each panel will have 90 minutes and should be composed of no more than three papers.

Papers: Please submit an extended abstract (max. 1 page).

Alternative panel and presentation formats: We invite proposals for alternative panel or presentation formats. Please submit an outline of the panel presentation format (max. 2 pages) as well as information on the participants and the content.

Hybrid format: While we intend to hold the conference as a physical event, we may be able to offer hybrid panels with participants on site as well as those participating online (either as contributors or as members of the audience). If you intend to offer a hybrid panel, please indicate your wish to do so in your proposal. We cannot guarantee that a panel will be offered in a hybrid format, so all prospective participants must be willing and prepared to travel to Konstanz to attend. 

Please submit your proposals (English or German) by 1 October 2021 via our submission system at


The German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies is seeking third party funding in order to cover travel and accommodation expenses for selected participants. We will offer a limited number of travel stipends that will be granted based on need. There will be no general reimbursement of travel or hotel expenses. If you have no other means to cover your travel expenses, please indicate the need for financial support when submitting your proposal.

Participants will have to arrange their own travel and accommodation. We have secured a limited number of hotel rooms at discounted rates. Booking information will be made available to registered participants. 

Childcare can be arranged.