Inequality, Peace and Conflict

53rd Annual Conference of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK) in cooperation with the University of Konstanz and the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality"

17-19 March 2022 in Konstanz, Germany

On this page, you will find up-to-date information regarding registration, travel and accommodation, and the conference program. If you have further questions, our conference coordinator will be happy to help (see contact info on the right).

Corona Regulations

The AFK board, in coordination with the rectorate of the University of Konstanz, has decided to hold the conference as an on-site event (while offering the possiblity to participate remotely). According to current regulations, the following measures will apply at the conference:

  1. Participation is possible for people without Corona symptons and with a valid 2G certification (recovered or vaccinated). For vaccinated participants, the last vaccination must have been received at most 90 days ago, or there must be a third vaccination ("booster"). For recovered participants, the positive PCR test must have been certified at most 90 days ago. People with at least two vaccinations who have recovered from an infection count as triple-vaccinated, which is why there is no limit on the validity of their certificates. Participants need to certify their 2G status upon arrival in order to obtain a conference badge.
  2. In the conference rooms, only the marked places can be used. Room occupancy will be limited to 60%.
  3. Face masks must be worn indoors at all times. Exception: eating and drinking, or while giving a presentation.
  4. Food and drinks offered at the conference can only be consumed in the conference rooms or outdoors, not in the public areas. 
  5. Face masks must be worn during the guided city tours. The restaurant visits on the evening of March 18 will be held according to the regulations for restaurants in Baden-Württemberg.