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New Book: Data Management for Social Scientists

The 'data revolution' offers many new opportunities for research in the social sciences. Increasingly, social and political interactions can be recorded digitally, leading to vast amounts of new data available for research. This poses new challenges for organizing and processing research data. This comprehensive introduction covers the entire range of data management techniques, from flat files to database management systems. The book covers simple tools such as spreadsheets and file-based data storage and processing, as well as more powerful data management software like relational databases. It goes on to address advanced topics such as spatial data, text as data, and network data. This book is one of the first to discuss questions of practical data management specifically for social science projects.

The book is available open access, additional material is provided on the companion website.  

Plot of effect of protests on Tor usage

Protest and Digital Adaptation

In an article published in Research and Politics, Rebecca Strauch and Nils Weidmann show that citizens in autocracies adapt digitally in response to political protest in their country, with an increased reliance on the Tor encryption network. This increase is particular prevalent for countries with high levels of digital censorship.

Plot of protest issues

Regime Legitimation, Protest Issues, and Repression

Governments in autocracies do not respond to all protests with repression. Rather, this depends on protests going against the particular legitimacy claims the regime is built on. Eda Keremoglu, Sebastian Hellmeier and Nils Weidmann's work on this question has been published in Political Science Research and Methods.

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Welcome Annette and Sukayna, goodbye Anna-Lena, Rebecca and Gabi!

Anna-Lena Hönig and Rebecca Strauch are leaving the group in the fall to work with Gabriele Spilker at the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality". Gabriele Zander is taking a one-year sabbatical, and Annette Flowe will take over as office manager in the meantime. Sukayna Younger-Khan joined the group as a new PhD student, funded by an independent doctoral fellowship from the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality".

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