CDM Colloquium

General Information

Date: Wednesday
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 h
Location: The Colloquium will be held in a hybid format on campus in F423 and online via Zoom.
All presentations are hybrid events. Information on the talks and Zoom links are distributed via our mailing list (subscribe via '’ with a blank email). All faculty and students are very welcome to join.

Colloquium Summer Term 2023

Date Presenter University Title
19.04.2023 Alexander Street Carrol University/University of Konstanz Sources of Error and Calibration in Mail Ballot Signature
26.04.2023 Connor Jerzak University of Texas at Austin Optimal Stochastic Interventions with High Dimensional Factorial Experiments: Application to Conjoint Analysis
10.05.2023 Royce Carroll University of Essex

(Mis)perception of Party-voter Congruence and Satisfaction with Democracy

17.05.2023 Jan Vogler University of Konstanz Bureaucracy and Democracy: The Importance of Public Services to Citizens ́ Lives and Trust in Government
31.05.2023 Julia Schulte-Cloos Philipps-Universität Marburg Right-wing Authoritarian Attitudes, Fast- Paced Decision-making, and the Spread of Misinformation About COVID-19
14.06.2023 Samuel Martin-Gutierrez Complexity Science Hub Vienna Multipolar Social Systems: Measuring Polarization Beyond Dichotomous Contexts
18.06.2023 Sina Chen University of Konstanz Identifying Latent Political Preferences in US Presidential Elections Using Pre-election Polls and Individual Campaign Contributions
12.07.2023 Segun Aroyehun University of Konstanz/Graz University of Technology The (In)effectiveness of Counterspeech Strategies in Online Political Discourse