Student Assistants

Luke Hosford

Luke Hosford is a first semester MA student in politics and public administration from Ireland. He is specializing in international politics and specific interests include local democracy and lower-level bureaucracies, stemming from his experience working in the Irish civil service. Luke works as a language editor and is involved the EU-SOCIETY project where Ireland is a case together with Prof. Thomann. Luke is passionate about film, Gaelic football and hurling, and good coffee.

Jonas Dieterich

Jonas Dieterich is in the first year of his MA in Politics and Public Administration. He is interested in US-American and European politics and in the functionning of public administration, particularly ministries with their immediate link to politics. He supports Prof. Thomann with the course management, the maintenance of the website and all kinds of other organizational issues. Concerning his free-time, Jonas loves sports, watching American Football, travelling and competing in a good quiz.

Frederic Schwarz

Frederic Schwarz is in his fourth semester of his MA in Politics and Public Administration. Frederic's interests lie in the qualitative areas of administrative and management research, focusing mainly on system and administrative failures. As a student assistant he supports Prof. Thomann in organizational tasks and is also involved in the data collection of the COVICORR project. Privately, Frederic enjoys traveling and has a passion for football.

Shirin Tumenbaeva

Shirin Tumenbaeva serves as the Communication Officer at KOMEX, where her role involves promoting and capturing the event's activities across social media and within the academic community. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Political Science at the Central European Universityin Austria, with research interests centered on elections, protests, voting patterns, and democratization in Central Asia, employing survey experiments. Shirin has contributed to recent publications, co-authoring an article on EU democracy promotion and a chapter on Democratization and Transformation in Central Asia. Beyond her academic pursuits, she also provides consulting services to local and international organizations.

Studentische Hilfskräfte COVICORR

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Lisa Mende 

Lisa Mende is working as a researcher at the Department of Politics and Public Administration and the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality.” In the COVICORR project, she works on the case studies for Denmark and Sweden. Her main research interests are public administration, qualitative and migration and integration research.  

Stephan Goktekin

Stephan Goktekin is conducting his BA in Economics and Public Administration as an exchange student at Konstanz University. Stephan is especially interested in (macro- and monetary) economics, governance and (fiscal) policymaking, and seeks to start a Masters in fiscal or monetary economics back in the Netherlands. Together with Prof. Thomann and Tiziano Zgaga, he conducts the case study on the Netherlands and parts of Belgium for the COVICORR project, conducting interviews and qualitative analysis. Stephan, who is a Dutch citizen, loves travelling, being with friends, and likes sports such as rowing, skydiving and swimming. 

Mitzi Ramirez Mantilla

Mitzi Ramirez Mantilla is in her second year of the MSc in Sport Science for Health at the University of Konstanz. She has worked as a research assistant in the Public Health and Prevention Medicine department at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is especially interested in interdisciplinary research and international affairs. Together with Prof. Thomann and Tiziano Zgaga, she conducts the case study on Spain for the COVICORR project. Mitzi has a passion for traveling, American Football, podcasts, and cooking.

Henrietta Szabó

Henrietta Szabó is a first-year MA student studying Speech and Language Processing at the University of Konstanz. In the COVICORR project, together with Prof. Thomann and Tiziano Zgaga she conducts the case study on Hungary. Henrietta (or Heni for short) is passionate about qualitative research methods, learning new languages and analyzing their linguistic system. In her free-time, she likes to play boardgames, to go on hikes and to experiment with DIY projects.