Dr. Daniel Herfurth

Transfer Platform SPNV-Monitor

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Dr. Daniel Herfurth heads the Transfer Platform “SPNV-Monitor“, funded by the University's Excellence Strategy. The platform is going to periodically monitor the performance of short-distance rail services (German abbreviation: SPNV) in Germany. It aims at a systematic review of service levels combining both, administrative and technical data.

Daniel worked on his doctoral thesis at the Chair of Prof. (em.) Dr. Wolfgang Seibel. In his thesis, he analysed the impact of diverging administrative structures and strategies on service quality of short-distance rail services. His attempt to uncover the “The Logic of Politics in the Technical Sphere” (title of his dissertation) laid the foundation of the current Transfer Platform “SPNV-Monitor“.

Daniel studied Politics and Public Administration at the department and completed semesters abroad at Berne University in Switzerland and at the Free University of Bolzano in Italy. He gained practical experience with public institutions of the federal and the state government body as well as with private sector consultants for public services. In academia, Daniel is regularly invited as a speaker to conferences on mobility (latest invite: 14th  German Public Transport Conference). In the context of the UN Paris Agreement, he developed an alternative tool to evaluate emission-reduction technologies on an effectiveness basis for the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Protection (BMU).

Research Interests

  • Public services caught between the logic of public authority and market forces
  • Comparative transport politics
  • Academic bridges between political science and civil engineering
  • Effectiveness an efficiency of administrative structures


Herfurth, Daniel (2022): Das Neun-Euro-Ticket als Startschuss für ein dauerhaftes Deutschland-Ticket: Ein zweistufiges Modell zur Umsetzung. Konstanz: KOPS Universität Konstanz.

Herfurth, Daniel (2022): Eine fahrleistungsabhängige Kfz-Steuer. Ein Vorschlag für eine sozial gerechte und ökologisch wirkungsvolle Anreizsetzung im Verkehr jenseits von CO2-Preis und Klimaprämie. In: Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik & Umweltrecht 45 (1), 135-148.

Herfurth, Daniel (2017): Zielerreichung mittels Vermeidungskostenrechnung? Erweiterung der Vermeidungskostenrechnung zur Bewertung der Förderwürdigkeit von Dekarbonisierungsmaßnahmen im Verkehrssektor. In: Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft 88 (3), 272-292.