Research opportunities

Research opportunities for students

I hire undergraduates and graduate students to work on various research projects on a demand basis. Generally, these jobs tends to be computer- and internet-based and may include: constructing bibliographies, performing desk-based research such as identifying and examining online/news sources and data bases, quantitative or qualitative data collection and analysis, write-up, translation, proofreading, etc. They can be computer-intensive and technically demanding. If you are interested in working on one of my research projects or as a student assistant for my chair, please email me the application (as a pdf file named Yourlastname_Month_Year) with the following information:

  • CV including education and work experience
  • Transcript of courses that you have completed in political science, sociology, research methods, or statistics
  • Motivational letter of 1-2 pagesStatement of interest
  • Assessment of your familiarity with various software tools, including office packages, statistical programs, programming skills, and content management solutions
  • Indication of how many hours each month you would be available to work during a semester and for how many semesters

I am particularly interested in hiring students with an interest in continuing their studies in graduate school, who might want to do a thesis related to any of my research projects, who would like to be involved for an extended period, or those with some particular technical skills.

Doctoral positions

PhD positions that are funded via research grants or institutional funds will typically be advertised via a job ad.

In order to apply for a doctoral position please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Two programs offer admission for doctoral work (a) the Department of Politics and Public Administration and (b) the Graduate School of Decision Sciences.
  2. Please note that pursuing a PhD requires course work and regular presence at the university.
  3. If you are qualified given the programs guidelines, please assess whether your research interests align well with my research group and explicate this shared interest in detail in the cover letter.

If you plan on submitting an application without reference to a specific job announcement, please email me a single pdf file containing the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Transcript of courses and grades
  • one letter of reference by an academic supervisor and one further referee with full name, affiliation, and contact details.
  • 5 page dissertation prospectus with a reference list (does not count toward 5-page limit)
  • Information on the planned funding