Jule Beck

I am a PhD Candidate at the Graduate School of Decision sciences at the University of Konstanz. Previously, I completed the two-year MA program Politics and Public Administration with a specialization in 'International Relations and European Integration' and 'Methods of Politics and Public Administration' at the University of Konstanz.

My research interests include, in broad terms, food security, sustainable livelihoods and rural development.


SoSe 23: Gender & Development (Vertiefungsseminar/Advanced BA Seminar) – with Anke Köbach & Abena Yalley

WS 22/23: Ernährungssicherheit und nachhaltige Entwicklung (Vertiefungsseminar/Advanced BA Seminar)

SoSe 22: Gender & Development (Vertiefungsseminar/Advanced BA Seminar)

WS 21/22: Hunger, Ernährungssicherheit und Entwicklung (Proseminar)

SoSe 21: Gender & Development (Vertiefungsseminar/Advanced BA Seminar)

WS 20/21: Bedrohungen und Chancen für Ernährungssicherheit und nachhaltige Lebensgrundlagen (Vertiefungsseminar/Advanced BA Seminar)

SoSe 20: BA-Seminar: “Rural Development: Opportunities and Challenges”

WS 19/20:BA-Vertiefungsseminar „Ernährungssicherheit, Armut und Konflikt“



Beck, J. (2019). The Health Resource Curse – Why children in resource abundant regions are left behind: A subnational analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa (Master Thesis). Universität Konstanz, Konstanz.

Wegenast, Tim and Jule Beck. 2020. Mining, Rural Livelihoods and Food Security: A Disaggregated Analysis of Sub- Saharan Africa. World Development 130: 104921.