• Welcome to the Team of the Development Research Group
    of Prof. Anke Hoeffler

    from left to right: Dr. Ana García, Petra Rietzler, Jule Beck, Dr. Liliana Abreu, Prof. Dr. Anke Hoeffler, Alina Greiner

  • Is Chinese Aid Different?

    New Paper by Prof. Anke Hoeffler and Dr. Olivier Sterck

  • Positive Parenting Program - Reducing violence against children

    About 17.5% of children globally are subjected to parental violence. How can we adress this problem?

  • Life with Corona

    The Corona/COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis facing the world. People around the world are adapting their daily lives and fear lock-ins, shortages of food and other essential goods, as well as severe illness and death. What implications will this Corona pandemic have on the daily lives of people around the world? How will it affect the mental health, consumption and eating habits, social cohesion as well as expectations towards politics and public administration? Your participation in the Life with Corona study https://lebenmitcorona.org/ will provide valuable information for researchers studying the social and economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

    Contact: Anke Hoeffler, Liliana de Abreu, Jule Beck