Welcome to the Team of the Development Research Group
of Prof. Anke Hoeffler

from left to right: Dr. Ana García, Petra Rietzler, Jule Beck, Dr. Liliana Abreu, Prof. Dr. Anke Hoeffler, Alina Greiner

MA Seminar: Big Ideas in Development

This Summer semester, Anke taught a class on theoretical foundations of development economics. Why do economies grow? Why are some countries poorer than others? How do we measure development? After some introduction classes, we organized a student symposium where each participant presented a seminal book in the field.

Is Chinese Aid Different?

New Paper by Prof. Anke Hoeffler and Dr. Olivier Sterck

Positive Parenting Program - Reducing violence against children

About 17.5% of children globally are subjected to parental violence. How can we adress this problem?