The annual basic lecture "The German Political System" plays a central role in teaching. It is characterized by an early introduction of students to concepts and methods of comparative political science. The lecture continuously takes up current research in order to make clear to students at an early stage the difference between journalistic and scientific examination of politics, and to enable them to distinguish individual cases from general mechanisms of democratic governance.

In addition to lectures, seminars are regularly offered on the topics of comparative democracy research, party competition, federalism and multi-level politics, migration and integration policy, and representative democracy and bureaucracy at all qualification levels. In addition, the working group is involved in qualitative methods training for students. 

Courses Christina Zuber

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The Political System of Germany Lecture
Colloquium Colloquium
Doktorandenkolloquium Doctoral student colloquium

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The Politics and Consequences of Mega-Events Advanced Level Seminar

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