EU Horizon 2020-Project: The Future of European Social Citizenship (EUSOCIALCIT)

The EU-funded project “The Future of European Social Citizenship” (EUSOCIALCIT) explores alternative policy measures to strengthen European social citizenship. Six teams in Europe are developing a resource-based, multi-level concept of social rights at EU, national and local levels. In addition, the project identifies the weak points of the institutions and examines the attitudes of the citizens. By analyzing current realities and alternative policy options, the project will provide new indicators and feasibility studies on social investment, working conditions, minimum income protection and housing.

Together with Prof. Brian Burgoon from the University of Amsterdam, the team in Konstanz develops a new database with country indicators for social civil rights. Furthermore, the team reviews, consolidates and valorises existing large-scale quantitative research on the perceptions, attitudes and preferences of EU citizens concerning social rights, and enriches this research by means of focus groups in several EU countries. The focus groups help to deepen the understanding of citizens’ perceptions about, attitudes towards, and demands regarding European social citizenship.

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Brian Burgoon und Prof. Dr. Marius Busemeyer

Project researcher: Gianna Maria Eick