Information on supervision

If you are considering Gabriele Spilker as future first supervisor for your BA or MA thesis, please send a one page document to, covering the following points: 

  1. Which research question do you want to address?
  2. Which strand of the literature and which theories do you want to relate your thesis to?
  3. What is the variation you want to explain?
  4. What is your most important independent variable?
  5. Which research design, type of data and analysis are you planning to use to answer your research question?
  6. How do you plan to measure your key variables? Did you check whether the necessary data actually exists?

If you already have an agreement with Gabriele Spilker on supervision and just need to resolve formalities (signature for registering the thesis etc.), please get directly in touch with Annette Flowe (

Further information about the formalities for the BA thesis can be found here.

For your literature research this journal overview might be helpful.