Information on letters of recommendation

Please bare in mind that two necessary conditions apply if you want Gabriele Spilker to write you a letter of recommendation: 

  1. You have attended one of her seminars, have actively participated in the discussions, have handed in a written assignment and have finished the seminar with a total grade ≤ 2.0
  2. You are contacting us with your request at the very least four weeks in advance of the deadline

In case condition 1 and 2 apply, please send an e-mail with your request to Annette Flowe at, containing:

             a) the contact details of the addressee of the letter
             b) the deadline
             c) your motivation letter
             d) your CV
             e) your current transcript of records

Please keep in mind that Gabriele Spilker cannot provide you with a reasonable recommendation letter if you only participated in one of her lectures.