Emergence and social effects of hybrid organizations in local crisis management

Joint research project of University of Konstanz (Wolfgang Seibel and Lorenz Neuberger), LMU München (Steffen Eckhard and Matthias Fatke) and ETH Zürich (Florian Roth); funded by the BMBF (2018-2021)

Based on the study of administrative reactions to the influx of asylum seekers since 2015, the HybOrg research project examines both how state institutions engage in crisis management activities at the local level as well as how such efforts can help generate valuable social capital. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the three-year project aims to create a systematic record of administrative action within the realm of crisis management, analyze its effects on social cohesion, and formulate a set of concrete recommendations for relevant stakeholders.

Funding amount: 634.339 Euro