Please note that no further supervision will be accepted for the winter semester 2023/2024.

Here you can find a pool of ideas for possible projects that can be supervised at our chair:

Remote Work & Mobile Work Arrangements

  • Interactions in a hybrid work environment
  • New work and working from home

Leadership & Team Processes

  • Age diversity in teams

Diversity, age & gender

  • The integration of migrants in the workplace
  • Intergenerational knowledge transfer in the digital age: who learns from whom?
  • Subjective age as an alternative construct to chronological age
  • The Integration of Migrants in the Workplace
  • Gender Pay Gap - causes and effects
  • Tokenism - Experiences of women in male-dominated professions
  • Discrimination in the workplace (in the context of a quantitative text-based content analysis)
  • Job preferences of older employees: between flexibility and a sense of community

Around the workplace

  • Workplace well-being and employee performance
  • Presenteeism in the office and work sphere
  • The effect of right-wing populist parties on employees
  • Changing organisational cultures
  • Changing physical work environments

Please follow these steps to reserve a place at our chair:

- Please send us requests only from the middle of the previous semester before you intend to write your thesis (e.g. from January if you plan to write your thesis in the summer semester). Accordingly, we do not reserve supervision places that are only scheduled for the semester after next.

- In order to reserve a place as a supervisor, it is necessary that you have already formulated a concrete topic and/or research question.

- We can only supervise one non-departmental thesis per semester.

- Please send all inquiries directly to Kilian Hampel (

Further information on the colloquium:

- The following exam performances are required during the colloquium: two presentations on the status of your thesis, writing an exposé, and preparing peer feedback.

- If you attend the colloquium in an earlier semester but do not want to register your thesis until the next semester, you still have to complete all the required examination credits for the colloquium in the earlier semester.