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Moser & Kunze (2024): Gender Pay Gap Policy Paper published on the Equal Pay Day

To that day, women in Germany earn 18% less per hour than men. Symbolically speaking, women worked unpaid until March 6 (this year's Equal Pay Day). The new policy paper by Moser and Kunze, identifies important causes for and possible measures to close the gender pay gap. The authors show what employees themselves, their employing companies and political actors can do to reduce the gender pay gap in Germany. Click here for the Policy Paper

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Kunze et al. (2023) published a Policy paper on the integration of young immigrants into the labor market

Kunze et al. (2023) have published a policy paper entitled "Wie gelingt die Integration junger Zugewanderter in den Arbeitsmarkt? The Integration@Work Projekt" (in german). The policy paper identifies factors on how young immigrants can be better integrated into the training market and contains recommendations for action for training companies and political actors. The policy paper was published at the University of Konstanz's Cluster of Excellence.

Here is the link to the Policy Paper: