Introduction to Computation for the Social Sciences (ECO-20330)

Course Description

This lecture serves as an introductory course to computer science and programming for a social science audience. The main emphasis of the course is on providing students with a good conceptual understanding of fundamental principles in computer sciences and of basic programming concepts. Topics covered range from basic principles of information coding, computer systems and information storage, to data types, data structures, algorithms, different programming paradigms and database systems. Concepts are taught “in context” throughout the lecture, i.e., students will learn concepts and directly apply them in programming exercises structured along relevant social science applications. The lecture will rely on Python as teaching language.

The lecture takes place on Monday 11:45-13:15 in room F428 and the exercise on Wednesday from 10:00-11:30 in room D301. Please visit ZEUS for a detailed overview of the course format, requirements etc.

Course Material

For the course syllabus, an overview of the structure of the course, access to the course materials etc., please go to the ILIAS site of the course.