Statistics (POL-23100)

Office Hours Prof. Shikano: No office hours during the university vacation. Please contact the secretary.

If you are coming to Prof. Shikano's office hours (during the semester), please sign-up using the list on the door of room D 312.

Course Description

This lecture introduces the foundation of statistics used in empirical social science research. The lecture builds on the lecture “empirical research methods” in the preceding semester. Those who have not visited the lecture are advised to read its lecture note, which can be made available in ILIAS. The main topics of this lecture cover various kinds of regression models and further techniques relevant to causal inference. The lecture also deals with fundamentals of probability and mathematical statistics, which are essential in the main topics.

The course takes place on Tuesdays 15.15-16.45 in  R712 and Wednesdays 10.00-11.30 in R 711

Tutorials Statistics

NameDate and TimeRoom
Laura KorteTue 11.45-13.15ML 630
Laura KorteWed 8.15-9.45D 522
Philipp BoschWed 17.00-18.30C 358
Philipp PrinzTue 11.45-13.15L 829
Burak OezturanThu 17.00-18.30G 306
Burak OezturanFri 10.00-11.30L 601
Gina UngerWed 13.30-15.00M 628
Lukas WeixlerMon 13.30-15.00E 403
Zoé WolterThu 11.45-13.15L 602