Recommendation Letter

Writing a strong letter of recommendation requires serious work and great care. Generally, these letters ask how long I have known a student, in what capacity, and how I rank a student relative to peers and past students. A strong letter is based on excellent work and a sustained relationship between the writer and the student.

If you are considering me as a reference, please make sure that:

  • I am familiar with you and your work
  • I am able to recommend you, i.e. that you excelled in my class(es), etc.
  • I have at least 4 weeks of lead time for writing the letter
  • I understand your qualifications for the position that you are applying to

If I agree to write you a letter, please provide me with the following information in hard copy or pdf:

  • all relevant information about your work under my supervision (courses, work, thesis, etc.)
  • all relevant information about your application (e.g. cover letter, personal statements)
  • all relevant information about the position/program you are applying to (e.g. job/program description)
  • your CV, transcripts, GPAs, etc.
  • a list that contains the positions/programs you are applying to and their deadlines
  • if required, fill out as much information as possible on online and/or hard copy forms

Please inform me about the results. I am genuinely interested in the outcome.