Papers for Download

Prof. Dirk Leuffen

2018 Crises and Responsiveness. Analysing German Preference Formation during the Eurozone Crisis (Hanno Degner and Dirk Leuffen)
2018 Analysing European Union Decision-Making during the Eurozone Crisis with New Data (Wasserfallen et al.)
2018 Explaining governmental preferences on Economic and Monetary Union Reform (Târlea et al.)
2017 Powerful Engine or Quantité Negligeable? The Role of the Franco - German Couple during the Euro Crisis (Hanno Degner and Dirk Leuffen)
2016 The Coice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States` Preferences for Economic and Fiscal Integration - Codebook (Hanno Degner and Dirk Leuffen)
2011 Parteien und Außenpolitik. Eine Analyse des Abstimmungsverhaltens im Auswärtigen Ausschuss des Bundestages, (with Thomas Malang), München 2011
2011 Ever looser Union. Towards a theory of differentiated integration in the EU, (with Frank Schimmelfennig & Berthold Rittberger), EUSA 2011
2010 Comparing European Union Decision-Making before and after Eastern Enlargement, (with Robin Hertz), Chicago 04/2010
2010 The Impact of Eastern Enlargement on the Internal Functioning of the EU: Why so much continuity?, Geneva 10/2010
2010 Measurement and Data Aggregation in Small-n Social Scientific Research, (with Susumu Shikano & Stefanie Walter), Oldenburg 11/2010
2008 Business as Usual? Analyzing the Effects of Enlargement on EU Legislative Output,(with Robin Hertz) Zurich: CIS Working Paper 38.
2008 Ever more complex? Domestic Politics in the Enlarged European Union, paper presented at the UACES conference, Edinburgh, 1-3 September 2008.
2008 Oligarchization, Formalization, Adaptation? Linking Sociological Theory and Enlargement Research,(with Stefanie Bailer and Robin Hertz) Zurich: CIS Working Paper 33.
2007 Anticipation in Legislative Politics. The Case of EU Enlargement,(with Robin Hertz) Zurich: CIS Working Paper 32.
2006 Breaking the Camel’s Back? Eastern Enlargement and EU Governance, Paper presented at the ECPR’s Third Pan-European Conference on European Politics, Istanbul, 21 – 23 September 2006.
2006 Die Folgen der Osterweiterung für das Regieren in der EU: rationales Handeln in angemessenen Bahnen? Paper presented at the workshop "Die Konsequenzen der Osterweiterung für die Europaforschung", Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, 31 March – 1 April 2006.

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