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Party positions from Wikipedia classifications of party ideology

This project aims at expanding the coverage of party position measurement to a larger number of cases by drawing on information about party ideology provided on Wikipedia. To that end, we collect keyword summaries (tags) of party ideology supplied in infoboxes on political parties' Wikipedia pages. Assuming a simple model of tag assignment, we estimate the positions of parties and ideologies in a common space.

The project is jointly conducted with Holger Döring (Gesis) and registered with the Open Science Framework



Parliamentary behavior in the Frankfurt Assembly 1848/49

This project collects for the first time a data set of all ~300 recorded votes taken by the ~800 members of the Frankfurt Assembly at St. Paul's Church 1848/49 and combines them with extant data on the members of the Frankfurt Assembly in order to test theories of parliamentary behavior. Our results, which are relevant for political scientists and historians alike, will shed light on the political preferences of the Frankfurt deputies and the factions they joined, and contribute to our understanding of parliamentary party formation and coalition building.

The project is jointly conducted with Ulrich Sieberer (University of Bamberg) and was supported by the University of Konstanz with funds from the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.