PhD student advising

Open PhD student positions funded by the chair of public administration will be advertised on the University homepage (see jobs).

In case you are interested in working with Professor Mergel using other external funding or as an external doctoral student, please submit the following documents with your inquiry: 1) cover letter with your motivation, 2) CV, 3) writing samples, 4) three letters of support from former advisors, and 5) a 15-page prospectus outlining your dissertation project. Before you submit your application, please review Professor Mergel's publications and current research projects.

Professor Mergel served on the following PhD committees:

  • Ines Imbert, University of Konstanz, Oral exam chair and examiner, March 2017
  • Andreas Kuehn, iSchool, Syracuse University, Committee member, 2016
  • Tian Tang, Maxwell School PAIA, Syracuse University, Committee member, 2014-2016
  • Isabelle Fagnot, IESEG School of Management, External review member, 2011
  • Claudia Louis, iSchool, Syracuse University, Committee member, 2011-2015
  • Chan Woong Shin, Oral Examination Chair, May 2014
  • Mohd Heikal bin Husin, South Australian University, External reviewer, March 2013
  • Mohammad Jaharri, iSchool, Syracuse University, Committee member, March 2013