Preliminary Program: ESA Economic Sociology Midterm Conference: Crossing Boundaries

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Thursday, 13 September 2018 

Thursday, 13 September
13:40Welcome address
Session 1Session 2
14:00-15:30Political Economy I: Differences and the Quest for SynthesisEconomic Sociology and the Labour Market 
Chairs: Sebastian Koos, Sebastian NesseChairs: Nicola Pensiero, Alberto Veira Ramos 
Alexander Ebner Economic Sociology and Political Economy: Towards an Institutionalist Synthesis?Ariane Bertogg, Christian Imdorf, Christer Hyggen, Dimitris Parsanoglou & Rumiana Stoilova Early Job Insecurity and Gender Discrimination in The Hiring for Skilled Mechanics and IT Workers. A factorial Survey Experiment with Recruiters in Bulgaria, Greece, Norway and Switzerland 
Zeinab F. Shuker Culture and Economic Action: Polanyian-Gramscian Model of Economic Behavior Anna Marczuk How Institutions of Education Systems Affect the Closure of Labor Market Segments and Shape Job Opportunites of Young Graduates? A Multilayer (macro-meso-micro) Analysis for 30 European Countries. 
Bartosz Mika Variety or Convergence of Capitalism? Arguments on socio-economic theory of ownership. Christian Hunkler & Roberto M. Fernandez Whose Closure? Gender Inequality and Access to Skill Training
Valentina AusserladscheiderEconomic Nationalism in Times of European (Dis-)Integration: Political Discourse in Austria and the UKNicola Pensiero Computers and Labour Relation: An Employee-Employer Matched Analysis of the Wage Share in UK Workplaces 
15:30-16:00 Break 
Session 3Session 4
16:00-17:30Political Economy II: Consumer Policy, Retailing and Consumption Economic Sociology and Social Inequalities
Chairs: Sebastian Koos, Sebastian Nessel Chairs: Alberto Veira Ramos
Marthe Harvik Austgulen & Live Standal BoyumPositions and Interest Coalitions in European Consumer Policy Veronika V. Eberharterr(In-)Equality of Opportunities, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Multidimensional (Dis-) Advantages - Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United States 
Michael WortmannThe Institutions of a German Non-Core Industry: Grocery RetailingThomas Biegert, Michael Kühhirt & Wim van LanckerThey Can't All Be Stars: The Matthew Effect and Satus Persistence in NBA All-Star Voting 
Regina Romanova Cynical Consumers are Cynical Citizens? (the case of Moscow)Sigrum OlafsdottirEconomic Growth, Provision of Services, or Reduction of Inequality: Public Attitudes toward Role of Government in 28 Countries 
Pierre Wokuri How the Interplay between Policy Regimes and Cooperatives Renewable Energy Projects Shape their Market Integration?Patrick SachwehDeserving more? A Vignette Study on Preferences for Taxing the Wealthy in Germany
17:45-19:15Keynote: Lucio Baccaro 
19:30Welcome Barbecue (Terrace K7, University of Konstanz) 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Friday, 14 September 2018
Session 5Session 6
9:00-10:30Economic Sociology and Organization Studies: Foundations and OriginsEntrepreneurship and Local Development
Chairs: Sebastian Koos, Mikolaj Pawlak Chairs: Nicola Pensiero 
Sven KetteThe Economic Foundations of Formal Organizations - and its Implications for Economic Sociology Tetiana Liubyva & Veira Ramos Attitudes Towards Private Entrepreneurship in Ukraine
Gregor Kungl Organisational Inertia - an Interdisciplinary Research Framework Alin Croitoru Exploring Entrepreneurial Orientation of Young Romanian Researchers 
Raimund Hasse, Stefan Arora-Jonsson & Nils BrunssonThe Institutionalization and Organization of Competition: a Research Agenda Márta Kiss & Rácz Katalin  The Role of Local Government in the Compensation of Economic and Social Inequalities in Disadvantaged Areas of Hungary
Vera Linke  Unfounded Assurances? The Regulation of Insurance Organizations Olga Ivashchenko Post Soviet Experience of Market Development in the Nonmarket Society: Case of Ukrainians
Session 7
11:00-12:30Economic Sociology and Organization Studies: Quality and Complexity Monetary Policy and Financialisation
Chairs: Sebastian Koos, Mikolaj Pawlak Chairs: Marta Olcón-Kubicka, Sebastian Nessel 
Nadine Arnold & Simon Dombrowski The Presentation of Quality in Markets: Organizational Strategies to Address Qualification Problems Hanno Pahl & Jan Sparsam Lost in Translation: The Utilization of Macroeconomic Knowledge in Monetary Policy 
Filippo Barbera, Joselle Dagnes, Roberto di Monaco Mimetic Quality - Strategic Mimicry of Hybrid Organizations in Food DistributionJenny Preunkert Financialization of government Debt. Government Debt Management Approaches in the Eurozone
Felipe Möller Neves Inter-Firm Cooperation and Innovation Relationships among Companies in Brazilian and European Science Parks Rüdiger WilhelmiDoes Economic Sociology Matter? Remarks from a Legal Scholars Point of View
Deniz Öztürk & Sükrü Özen Political Identities in the Midst of Institutional Logics: The Case of Academic Hiring in Turkey 
12:30-13:30Lunch Break 
Session 9 Session 10 
13:30-15:00Roundtable: Anthropology and Economic Sociology: Shared Methodologies and EpistemologiesMarkets and the Micro-Macro Link 
Chairs: Martin Fotta, Andreas StreinzerChairs: Andrea Maurer
Stephen Gudeman  My Anthropological Approach to Economy Christian Bernd & Manuel Wirth Struggling for the Moral Market: Economic Knowledge, Diverse Markets and Market Borders 
Marc BoecklerThe Experimental Economy. An Ethnography of Economics Filippo Gian-Antonio Reale Markets for Anxiety 
Mario Schmidt Ethnography is an Attitude, not a Method!Mikolaj Pawlak The Micro-Macro Link Revisited: Economic Sociology Perspective 
Judit DurstOut of the Frying Pan into the Fire? Solidarity, Mistrust, and the Role of Kinship Ties in the Social (Im)mobility of Transnational Migrant Roma from North Hungary
15:00-15:30 Break 
Session 11Session 12

Economic Sociology and Social Movement Studies 

The Sociology of money 
Chairs: Philip Balsinger, Simone Schiller-Merkens Chairs: Andrea Mauerer
Mateusz Falkowski Circuits of Economic Exchange in a Clandestine Social Movement Giacomo BazzaniMoney between Economics and Sociology: Proposal for a Typology 
Agnes Fessler & Stefanie Hiß(De-)Investing against Climate Change? The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement as Green Finance Protest and Financial Market Mobilization Martin Hájek The Pecuniary Regime 
Francesco S. Massimo Industrial Relations from Below - Union Organizing and Institutional Change in the Logistics Sector in Italy Marta Olcón-Kubicka & Mateusz Halawa Family Money: Cultural Dimensions of Money and Wealth Transfers from Parents to Young Warsaw Residents 
Sebastian KoosThe Fair Trade Movement and the Rise of Ethical Consumption in Affluent Democracies Lukasz Pyfel "Free" Money, "Working" Money, "Fun" Money - Earmarking in Amateur Investing 
17:15-18:45 Keynote: Frank Dobbin 
20:00Conference Dinner (Konzil Konstanz) 

 Saturday, 15 September 2018 

Saturday, 15 September 2018
Session 13Session 14
9:00-11:00Economic Sociology and the Sociology of ValuationGlobal Value Chains: Perspectives from Sociology and Geography 
Chairs: Thorsten Peetz, Frank Meier, Désirée Waibel, Marta Olcón-Kubicka Chairs: Nina Baur, Elmar Kulke 
Barbara Kuchler Financial Markets as Commensurating Machines Julia Göhringer Human Rights in Global Value Chains: The Adoption of Human Rights Policies by Firms in the Global Metal and Mining Industry 
Uri AnsenbergReal-estate Valuation and the Organization of the City Gao Chong When China's Old-Time Brand Business Meets Western Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Community Involvement Perspective 
Patrick Schenk  Karpik in the Bottle: Can Judgement Devices Explain the Demand for Fine Wine?Oksana Dutchak Marxist Perspective on Labor Reproduction in Ukrainian Made-forBrands Garment Sector 
Arne DresslerGrappling Not Just With the Market: Creating Competence in Navigating the Economics of Nightlife in 1961, Germany Maria Nawojczyk, Magdalena Nowicka, Anna Skraba, Lidia SynowiecStrategies of Transnational Entrepreneurship: German Enterprises Owned by Poles 
Session 15Session 16
11:30-12:30Trust, and DatacommonsCrisis and Well-being
Chairs: Valentina AusserladscheiderChairs: Mikolaj Pawlak 
Christian Poppe, Elling Borgeraas, Unni Kjaernes Trust in Fintech Solutions for Payment Systems Sokratis Koniordos The Strength of Weak Ties in Times of Crisis: An Example from Greece 
Davide Arcidiacono & Giuseppe RealeThe Disclosure of Public Sector Information and Collaborative Activation & Production from a Comparative Perspective György LengyelResources, Parenthood and Subjective Well-Being 
12:35-13:00Final Discussion and Goodbye 
13:00End of Conference