Clara Neupert-Wentz

Clara Neupert-Wentz is  a Junior Research Fellow at the 

Chair of International Relations and Conflict Management

Areas of Interest

  • Intrastate Conflicts
  • Peacebuilding and Statebuilding
  • Traditional Institutions and Governance


Traditionale Governance und moderne Staatlichkeit

In many states there are ethnic groups, who organize their political decision-making, their conflict resolution mechanisms and their jurisdiction via traditional institutions. These traditional forms of governance co-exist with the political institutions active at the state-level. How they co-exist together and how these traditional institutions influence the level of democracy and domestic conflict on the state-level is relatively unknown. This is surprising considering the fact that this relationship might yield new insights in problems relating to the process of democratization and the occurrence of civil wars. In this project, we will first conduct a worldwide macro-level quantitative analysis of the relationship between the scope of traditional institutions and their level of integration in state-level political institutions and the level of democracy one the one hand and domestic peace on the state-level on the other hand. The causal mechanisms underlying these linkages will, thereafter, be examined with a comparative case study design with a focus on African countries, since it is assumed that traditional governances is especially present on this continent.

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