Web Survey

We are currently conducting an expert Web survey on identity groups worldwide, their traditional political institutions, their inner organization, their decision-making processes, and their relation to the state. We are collecting information on about 5,000 groups worldwide, based on the identity groups coded from the constitutions and the Minorities at Risk list of all socially relevant groups (AMAR) (Birnir et al. 2014).

Our respondents, who fill out our survey on the traditional organization of these groups, have thus a very diverse background, some are political scientists, historians or anthropologists some others are members of that particular ethnic group. In addition, our survey is also distributed to specialized international organizations, NGOs and (indigenous) interest groups. The aim of the survey is to evaluate the de facto existence and significance of identity groups presumably living under traditional institutions of governance. In this way, the Web survey enhances the result of the constitutional database: while we code the de jure situation of traditional governance in our constitutions dataset, the web survey produces data on the de facto situation.

The Web survey contains 25 questions. These encompass the questions whether the particular group has any type of traditional political institution and how the particular set-up of the group’s system of governance functions. Further questions contain the importance of traditional governance for the people and for national politics, and whether these forms of traditional governance can perform certain specific functions such as justice provision, policing and, land administration, among others.

The survey is currently under way. Since we are always trying to find more respondents, we would greatly appreciate it if you fill out the survey for a group that you know well. You can click on the link below and specify the group for which you would like to fill in the questionnaire:


If you have further questions on the survey, if you want to receive a personal invitation to participate or recommend an expert to us, please get in contact via: traditional.governance@uni-konstanz.de