Current Dissertations and Postdoc Projects

Dissertation by Fabian Bergmann:                                                                                                                          The Policy Dimension of Indigenous Peoples' Spatial Distributions and its Socio-Economic Implications

Dissertation by Clara Neupert-Wentz:
Traditional Governance and its Effect on Internal Security

Postdoc project by Thomas Malang:
Legislators beyond the Nation State: Changing Roles, Activities, and Patterns of
National Parliaments in a Globalized World

Dissertation by Sven-Patrick Schmid:                                                                                                                    Consequences of Indigenous Policies

Completed Dissertations and Postdoc Studies (University of Konstanz)

Dissertation by Marius Bayer (2018):
Deliberation in the lab - The effect of communication on negotiation results under various conditions

Dissertation by Axel Bayer (2018):
Office-holder by grace of the Chief?
Exploring the Role of Traditional Authorities in Electoral Mobilisation and their Payoff.

Dissertation by Daniela Behr (2018):
Traditional Institutions of Governance: Friend or Foe of Development?

Dissertation by Kelvin Munisi (2017):
Environmental Governance Dynamics of Lake Victoria

Postdoc project by Roos van der Haer (2017):
Child Soldier Recruitment and its influence on Conflict Dynamics

Dissertation by Florian Kern (2016):
Traditional Political Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Engine or Obstacle for Domestic Peace

Dissertation by Daniela Kromrey (2016):
Democracy compromised? Traditional Political Institutions in Africa.

Dissertation by Thomas Duttle (2015):
The Determinants of Differentiated Integration across the EU Member States.

Dissertation by Marcin Orzechowski (2015):
Climate Change and Violent Conflict.

Dissertation by Valentin Gold (2013):
Shaping Conflict and Perceptions: The Influence of Political Institutions on Ethnicity in Africa.

Dissertation by Janine Reinhard (2012):
Negotiating the Rules of the Game. Rhetoric Action in EU Treaty Change Processes.

Dissertation by Roos van der Haer (2012):
The Heart of Darkness: How Bad Structures Cause Violent Deeds.

Dissertation by Jan Biesenbender (2012):
Bargaining Power at EU Intergovernmental Conferences from 1957-2008.

Habilitation by Sebastian Haunss (2011):
Regulation of Knowledge

Dissertation by Aike Müller (University of Hamburg, 2010):
Financing Global Environmental Politics. (Un)Equal Burden Sharing and the Power of the Purse.

Dissertation by Thomas Sommerer (2009):
Können Staaten voneinander lernen? Lernprozesse als Einflussfaktor des Wandels in der Umweltpolitik.

Dissertation by Claudia Landwehr (University of Hamburg, 2006):
Präferenztransformation und deliberative Institutionen.

Co-advisor and member of committee (completed)

Anatol Itten (University of Lucerne, 2017):
Understanding the Conditions of Success and Failure in Public Mediation.

Andreas Raschzok (University of Konstanz, 2017):
Wandel und Persistenz in der Drogenpolitik: Eine Untersuchung zur Regulierung der Nachfrage nach illegalen Drogen in Europa.

Thomas Schäubli (ETH Zürich, 2016):
Differentiated Integration in the European Union.

Melanie Nagel (University of Konstanz, 2014):
Polarisierung im politischen Diskurs. Eine Analyse dynamischer Wissens- und Diskursnetzwerke am Beispiel von ‚Stuttgart 21‘.

Hanja Merit Blendin (University of Konstanz, 2013):
Die Psychologie der Abschreckung. Experimentelle Studien zum Akteursverhalten unter Stress.

Frederica Genovese (University of Konstanz, 2013):
The Power of the Strong, the Perseverance of the Weak. Explaining Climate Change Negotiations.

Kai Schulze (University of Konstanz, 2013):
Do parties and interest groups matter for international commitments? A comparative study of environmental and labor standards.

Eva-Maria Vögtle (University of Konstanz, 2013):
Causes and Conditions of Cross-national Policy Convergence. The impact of the Bologna Process on national higher education policy change.

Antje Witting (University of Konstanz, 2013):
The Role of Knowledge in Policy Development: Towards a De-carbonized British Road Transport Infrastructure.

Lilli Banholzer (University of Konstanz, 2012):
A multilevel approach to the successful reintegration of former combatants.

Martin Welz (University of Konstanz, 2011):
The African Union: Integration vs. Sovereignity.

Sabrina Weber (University of Konstanz, 2011):
Sozialdialoge auf EU-Ebene als Mehrebenensystem? Supranationale und nationale Perspektiven.

Stephan Heichel (University of Konstanz, 2011):
Faktoren des Policy-Wandels. Der Einfluss von institutionellen und parteipolitischen Vetospielern auf den umweltpolitischen Wandel im Staatenvergleich (1970-2005).

Isabel Plocher (University of Bamberg, 2010):
Good Governance durch Accountability?

Michael Dobbins (University of Konstanz, 2009):
Comparing Higher Education  Policies in Central and Eastern Europe: To converge or not to converge?

Margit Bussmann (Habilitation, University of Konstanz, 2009):
Globalization, Inequality, and Conflict: Contributions to Conflict and Development Research in International Relations .

Julie Chen (University of Konstanz, 2009):
Transnational Cooperation of Ethnopolitical Mobilization: A Survey Analysis of European Ethnopolitical Groups .

Jale Tosun (University of Konstanz, 2009):
Policy and Institutional Change in Emerging Market Democracies. Which Factors Account for Environmental Policy Making in Eastern Europe and Latin America? 

Arzu Hatakoy (University of Berlin, 2008):
The Effectiveness of Decision Making in European Union Treaty Negotiations. An Empirical Analysis of Arguing and Bargaining in the Debates on the European Constitutional Convention.