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This database was developed in the framework of the DFG-funded project Constitutional Evolution in the Multi-level System of the EU at the University of Konstanz. It holds all official documents from the Intergovernmental Conferences that led to the Maastricht (1992), Amsterdam (1999), Nice (2003) and the Constitutional Treaty (2004) as well as from the European Convention. The database holds a total of 1919 original primary sources authored by the actors involved in the negotiations. These include member states’ governments and supranational institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission. We provide most documents in pdf, rtf, and txt formats to facilitate further processing by means of computer-assisted text analysis tools.

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Please contact us for any inquiries: eu-treatynegotiations@uni-konstanz.de

All documents were collected from the sources listed on the results screen. Please, make reference to the respective source and to our database when using the documents.

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