Dr. Arpita Khanna

Research interests

I have been associated with the chair of International Politics since October 2013. My research interests are in applied economics. I have worked on topics related to economic and institutional development, particularly in context to resource-rich countries. In my dissertation project, I examine how ownership of resources, particularly oil, affects economic growth, welfare, and institutions in oil-rich countries. The topic of resource abundance and its effect has fascinated me since my graduate studies in economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. Before starting my doctoral studies at the University of Konstanz, I worked in a policy research institute, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in New Delhi, which furthered my interest in resource and development economics. In my future projects, I am interested in examining the effect of resources on gender equality and local economic development. I am currently also involved in a project which examines the effect of EU sanctions on Russia.


Khanna, A. 2016. Nationalization versus privatization: A discourse network analysis of coal ownership in India. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 51, Issue No.50.

Khanna, A. 2017. Revisiting the Oil Curse: Does Ownership Matter?. World Development,

Working papers

Khanna, A. 2017. Does oil ownership affect institutions?. Under review 2017.

Khanna, A. 2017. Oil ownership and welfare.

Khanna, A. 2017. Ownership Matters: The Microfoundations of the Resource Curse in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Gerald Schneider and Tim Wegenast.

Khanna, A. 2017. A View from the Markets: Winners and Losers of the EU-Russian Sanctions Game, with Gerald Schneider.