Anastasia Ershova

I have defended my dissertation in July 2018 at the Graduate school of Decision Sciences at the University of Konstanz. The title of my dissertation is "Not So Powerless After All: Delegation and Discretion of the European Commission". In this project, I have examined the determinants of the Commission's discretionary power as well as delegation dynamics in the European Union. During my doctoral studies I had also been employed as a Managing editor of EUP for almost three years.

Having completed my doctoral program, I have joined the project focused on democratisation and non-violent dissent at the University of Konstanz as a part-time researcher. Additionally, since September 2019 I have joined at the Department of Government at London School of Economics and Political Science as a Fellow. Here, I teach classes on Comparative Politics and develop my research on EU decision-making. ( ).


Ershova, A. The Watchdog or the Mandarin?: Assessing the impact of the Directorates General on the EU legislative process. Journal of European Public Policy. Online before print.

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