Dr. Keiichi Satoh 

Dr. Keiichi Satoh has a PhD (2016) in Sociology from Hitotsubashi University, Japan. He visited the Professor Schneider’s Lehrstuhl since spring 2016 as Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Academic Education and Position

04/2016Visiting scholar at University of Konstanz, Germany
04/2015Postdoctoral Researcher at Tohoku University, Japan
04/2011 - 03/2015Doctoral Studies at Hitotsubashi University, Japan
Visiting scholar at University of Minnesota, USA (09/2013 - 02/2014)
04/2009 - 03/2011Master Studies at Hitotsubashi University, Japan
04/2004 - 03/2009Bachelor studies at Hitotsubashi University, Japan
Exchange student at University of Mannheim, Germany (08/2006 - 07/2007)


Dr. Keiichi Satoh research interests are organizational politics, social movements, civil society, environmental politics and social network analysis.

Currently he is working on the two projects:

  • Comparing Climate Change Policy Network (COMPON Project): International comparative study on climate change policy networks
  • Social movements and Citizens' grassroots activities after the Fukushima Nuclear accident (as a part of a project by Study Group on Infrastructure and Society)

Fellowships and Awards

  • 10/2017 - 09/2019 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Abroad
  • 04/2015 - 09/2017 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD)
  • 04/2011 - 03/2014 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1)
  • 06/2011 Exemption for student loan repayment for the excellent achievement in the Study by Japan Student Services Organization
  • 08/2006 - 07/2007 Josuikai Foreign Exchange Scholarship


Edited book

  • 2016, Citizens Taking Action for a Nuclear Free Society: A Sociology of Social Movements After 3.11, Tokyo: Shin-yo-sha. (with Takashi Machimura, in Japanese)

Journal Articles and Annuals

  • 2016, "Parallel process of global convergence and national differentiation of climate change policy ideas: Focusing on policy networks between national and global organizations," AGLOS Special Edition 2015: 1-23. (peer-reviewed, in Japanese)
  • 2015, “Diversified background of the ‘anti-nuclear movement’ after the Fukushima accident: Results of a nation-wide survey of civic groups in Japan,” Hitotsubashi Bulletin of Social Sciences 7, pp. 1-32. (with Takashi Machimura, Tomoyuki Tatsumi, Reeya Komoda, JiYoung Kim, Summee Kim, and Uichi Tan, in Japanese).
  • 2014, “The Japanese climate change policy network: The relationship between a triple-pole structured organizational support network and policy output.” The Journal of Environmental Sociology 20, pp.100-116. (peer-reviewed, in Japanese)
  • 2014, “Reshaping the nuclear energy policy domain: The Japanese anti-nuclear, movement after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident,”? in Reconstruction from the disaster project eds., Sociology in the Post-Disaster Society: Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake: The Road to Overcome the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster, pp.178-199. (peer reviewed, in Japanese, with Atsushi Okada, Sunmee Kim, Jiyoung Kim, Reeya Komoda, Tomoyuki Tatsumi, Uichi Tan, and Takashi Machimura)
  • 2013, “Asian Societies and Climate Change: The Variable Diffusion of Global Norms,” Globality Studies Journal: Global History, Society, Civilization 32, pp.1-24.(peer reviewed, with Jeffrey Broadbent, Sun-Jin Yun, Dowan Ku, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keiichi Satoh, Sony Pellissery, Pradip Swarnarkar, Tze-Luen Lin, Ho-Choing Lee, and Jun Jin)
  • 2013, “Preface: To understand the different side of problems faced by each civil organization,” Disaster, Infrastructure and Society 4, p.41.
  • 2013, “Connecting evacuees through lunchbox delivery service: The female farmers power project Ka-Chan no Chikara Project,” Disaster, Infrastructure and Society 4, pp.45-48.
  • 2012, “Longing for the right to decide nuclear policy by ourselves: Social movements led by the citizen group Minna de Kimeyo in Tokyo call for referendums on nuclear policy,” Disaster, Infrastructure and Society 3, pp.46-52.
  • 2012, “What should the public know?: Japanese media coverage on the antinuclear movement in Tokyo between March 11 and November 30, 2011,” Disaster, Infrastructure and Society 2, pp.35-39.

Book Chapter

  • 2016, “Japan in the international context: Climate change policy process” In: Koichi Hasegwa



SS 2017

POLNET+ Summer Academy and Master Seminar "Dynamical Network Analysis: Discourses and Simulations ", Universität Konstanz

WS 2016/2017

POLNET Winter School und Master Seminar "Netzwerke in Politik, Management und Verwaltung", Universität Konstanz