Course Catalogue in the Summer Semester 2022

Teaching in the Summer Semester 2022

This Summer Semester, the University of Konstanz is planning a return to full attendance lectures. It should be possible to utilise 100% of the space capacity of the rooms. Accordingly, the approx. 105 courses offered by the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences in the summer semester will be conducted mainly in attendance.

At the same time, teachers have the opportunity to continue using innovative ideas for online teaching that they have developed and tested in previous semesters. The prerequisite for this is a concept that justifies the didactic added value of online teaching compared to face-to-face teaching. On this basis, several lecturers have announced that individual courses in the summer semester 2022 will be held entirely or partially in online form. Whether a course is held online can be seen in ZEuS by the entry "online" in the room information of the respective course. A complete list of the relevant courses can also be found here as a download.

We ask students to keep in mind the time they might need for switching locations between online and on-campus classes! If it is not possible in individual cases to avoid having online and on-campus classes back to back, there are study spaces on campus available by reservation for participating in online courses. Information on that is available on the Website "Studying during the coronavirus pandemic" under the section "Online courses".

Registration for Courses in the Summer Semester 2022

[Note: Course registration (spot allocation), explained below, should not be confused with exam registration later in the semester. This takes place on ZEuS for all courses from 01.05.22 to 15.06.22 (see the page "Deadlines and Dates"). The registration for a course does not automatically result in registration for the exam! A separate registration for an exam is always necessary!]

The following information refers to the courses offered by the Department of Political and Administrative Science. For courses offered by other departments, please observe the regulations applicable there. Please inform yourself on the website of the respective department or contact the relevant student advisory service.

Registration for Introductory Seminars 

Registration for Introductory Seminars always takes place via ZEuS. Please pay attention to the page "Proseminare - Wie läuft das Verfahren?". The registration goes from 21.03.22 to 04.04.22. All proseminars take place in presence from the first week of lectures.

Registration for all other courses (except block seminars)

For all other courses in our department (except block seminars), there is no central spot allocation procedure via ZEuS in the summer semester 2022. Please note the following points.

1.) Instructions for registration as well about all other organisational aspects (such as schedule, access etc.) will be communicated by the lecturers in the ILIAS listings of each course. Therefore, please consult the ILIAS listings of the courses relevant to you and note the information given there.

2.) Please attend the first session of those courses you are interested in:

  • Lectures: These take place in presence right from the beginning. You can simply attend, there are no restrictions on the number of participants.
  • BA Advanced Seminars, MA Seminars and Colloquiums: The sessions in the first week of lectures all take place online. This is necessary because in the first week of lectures (11-14.04.22) you will have the opportunity to look at a large number of seminars as part of the 'Shopping Week' and make your final course choice on this basis. (Accordingly, some seminars may get extremely crowded at the first session - hence the online online format in order to avoid over-filled classrooms). The lecturers will provide the link to the first session via the ILIAS listing for the relevant course.

If there are more participants than spots in a seminar, the lecturer can conduct a lottery procedure. By the end of the first week of lectures, you should have clarity about the seminars in which you have been got a place. From the second week of lectures onwards, these courses will be held mainly in presence.

Overall, there is a large enough range of seminars. Therefore, you do not have to fear that you will end up without a seminar spot. If you are unlucky in several lottery procedures and still do not have the required number of seminar spots in the course of the second week, please contact the student advisory service. It may then be possible to arrange remaining places for you.

Registration for Block Seminars

The following Block Seminars require a pre-registration on ZEuS (registration period 21.03.22 until 06.04.22):

  • BA Advanced Seminar "Politische Ethik" (Häckel)
  • BA Advanced Seminar "Ethics and Law: Indispensably Interdependent" (Hill)
  • MA Seminar "Net Zero Pathways and Policy Approaches" (VanNijnatten)
  • MA /PhD Seminar "Netzwerke in Politik, Management und Verwaltung" (V. Schneider/Nagel)
  • B.Ed. Course "Informationskompetenz" (Jochem/Heeg)
  • M.Ed. Course "Fachdidaktik II - Politik unterrichten" (Szegedi)