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Scientists of the department conduct research on exciting topics in a wide variety of projects. The renowned research frequently attracts attention in science, the media and politics. Here you can find a selection of current projects:

Selection of current research projects

Homeoffice in times of Covid-19

For many employees, the Corona crisis has led to significant changes in their everyday working lives, with private and public organizations sending all or part of their staff to working from home or other remote work settings. In our "Konstanz Homeoffice Study" Prof. Dr. Florian Kunze, Kilian Hampel and Sophia Zimmermann want to understand how this social experiment affects employees and companies. Therefore they have started to survey a representative sample of German employees since March 2020, since now on ten measurement waves. Their primary focus is to understand how working from home affects employee engagement and productivity on the positive side, as well as increased emotional exhaustion and loneliness as a challenge of continually working remotely. Furthermore, they also aim at understanding how companies and leaders can tailor the work environment to allow a sustainable transformation to a more flexible workplace. You find an overview of the study's output and publication, as well as the press coverage on website of the Chair of Organisational Studies. 

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