Theresa Goecke


As of August  2014, Theresa Goecke has been working at the Chair for Organisational Studies as a researcher and doctoral student with Prof. Dr Florian Kunze. She began her academic career at the University of Heidelberg with her B.Sc. in Psychology, followed by her M.Sc. in Psychology with the focus on “Organisational Behaviour and Adaptive Cognition”. From November 2011 until March 2014, Ms. Goecke was employed as a graduate assistant with the Department of Work and Organisational Psychology at the University of Heidelberg, where she worked in the BMBF founded project Work-Life-Balance. From October 2012 until August 2014, she worked at the software company SAP in the Department for Leadership and Organisational Development and the Department for Strategic Finance Management, where she learned about the practice of Strategic Consulting as well as Organisational Development . Her research is focused in the areas of  Demographic Change in Organisations, Subjective Age, Absentism, Work Contexts, Employee Motivation, Physical and Psychological Health at the Work Place, Mergers & Acquisitions, Turnover and Post-Merger Integration.

In the summer semester of 2017, Theresa Goecke is offering the seminar „Identities and Identification in Organizations“.

Curriculum Vitae and Publications